active CEO Podcast 142 Penny Locaso

active CEO Podcast #142 Penny Locaso Hacking Happiness

active CEO Podcast 142 Penny Locaso

On this episode of the active CEO Podcast, Craig Johns speaks with Penny Locaso about hacking happiness, her fascination with human behaviour, the busy epidemic, microbravery and leaders transforming from an expert into an experimenter.

We also talk how she overcome imposter syndrome at Shell, human connections, positively impacting the lives of others, being present in a moment and success as a by-product of happiness

Penny Locaso – Hacking Happiness

Penny is an internationally acclaimed TEDx and keynote speaker, educational innovator and creator of The Intentional Adaptability Quotient® (IAQ), A world-first Hacking Happiness measurement tool and educational program. She is the CEO of, one of Australia’s most influential female entrepreneurs, and a passionate entrepreneur who has partnered with prestigious brands such as Google, Microsoft and Deloitte, Penny Locaso.

Her studies have included an MBA in Marketing and Management from Swinburne University and has held numerous volunteer roles at organization’s such as Big Brothers Big Sisters, Australia Indigenous Community Volunteers, and the Smith Family. As a manager, Penny has held roles in marketing and commercial at Shell, been a Board Director at Big Brothers Big Sisters Australia, co-founder of the FBOMB show, activator at SheEO, and faculty member at Singularity University.

Penny talks about:

  • Living on a farm and go hiking in COVID.
  • Conversations in nature with her son.
  • Her fascination with Human behaviour.
  • Why do p[people operate in different ways.
  • Each company speaks a different language.
  • Determining what success is.
  • Hacking Happiness.
  • What makes me happy is my compass.
  • Happiness is a practice, mindset and behaviour.
  • Being able to ride the wave of every emotion that life throws at you.
  • Eject more joy into each day.
  • The busy epidemic.
  • Our brain does its best work in default network mode.
  • Leaders must transform from an expert into an experimenter.
  • Intentional adaptability.
  • Busy equals bullshit.
  • Telling yourself that you are busy, makes your mind go faster.
  • Put yourself out in the world.


“My life is full, but I am doing things that I love?” Hacking Happiness with Penny Locaso, on the active CEO Podcast.

“Being able to ride the wave of every emotion that life throws at you, knowing that you can come out the other side just a little bit better than what you were before. Because you have the right skills, the right resources and the right structure around you to make that happen.” Penny Locaso defines happiness, on the active CEO Podcast.

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Hacking Happy
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Craig Johns
Craig Johns
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Hacking Happiness Penny Locaso

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active CEO Podcast 106 Kathy Robinson The Athena Principles

active CEO Podcast #106 Kathy Robinson The Athena Principles

active CEO Podcast 106 Kathy Robinson The Athena Principles

On this episode of the active CEO Podcast, Craig Johns speaks with Kathy Robinson about the Athena Principles, how a vacation to Alaska began her wellness quest, having an ultramarathon mentality, the layers of Wall Street and becoming an entrepreneur.

We also delve into the wellness taboo, transitioning out of a career in financial audit and risk, one size fits one, developing a wellness program based on risk principles and why having a life outside of work is so important.

Kathy Robinson – The Athena Principles

Kathy Robinson is a former Fortune 500 corporate disciple who found her inner self through becoming an author, speaker and certified wellness coach with Athena Wellness. She is a passionate wellness coach who has infectious energy, completed her first ultramarathon at age 54, lives by the philosophy “one size fits one” and is the author of The Athena Principles

Her career has involved senior executive roles in Audit at Credit Lyonnais, Citi, Morgan Stanley and ADP, before embarking he an author, speaker and certified wellness coach. As an auditor she assessed the wellness of Fortune 500 corporations, now she assess personal lives as they navigate through personal midlife transitions.

Kathy talks about:

  • Having an immigrant mentality of a hard work ethic.
  • Drive to wanting to have a different side of life for herself.
  • Why she felt she couldn’t make an impact in CITIbank with 340,000 staff.
  • Ending up burnt out, while loving work at JP Morgan
  • Making the decision to Investment in herself through health and wellness.
  • Why she was dying and withering on the vine.
  • Retiring at age 55 from the corporate world, just before COVID-19.
  • Why she never really identified with her corporate life.
  • The Athena Principles.
  • Wellness is based on risk management principles.
  • Wellness is the things that you do, the result of how we feel is well-being.
  • There is nothing that I can tell a client that they already don’t know.
  • What is One size fits one.
  • Most important Athena Principle right now is self-compassion.
  • Sustaining productivity over time requires an Ultramarathon mentality.
  • What it was like to cross an ultra-marathon finish line at age 54.
  • Listening to a lot of podcasts and coming up with lots of business ideas

Active CEO Performance Tip

Listening Is The Sound Of Intelligence – Do you find yourself talking more than other people in the room? Listening is the art of understanding and connecting with people. Many people think they need to speak more to be heard and show they either understand a topic or have the answer. Asking a question and intentionally focusing on listening is the art of intelligence. 3 ways to be more intelligent. 1. Ask a question 2. Listen intently 3. Ask another question


“We want to lead authentically, but do we bring our whole selves.” Kathy Robinson speaks about being the workplace wellness whisperer, on the active CEO Podcast.

“By taking care of yourselves and taking that investment, you are going to show up in a way that is more to people.” Kathy Robinson speaks about the benefits of the Athena Principles, on the active CEO Podcast.

Resources Mentioned in this show:

Kathy Robinson LinkedIn
Kathy Robinson
The Athena Principles Link
Craig Johns
Craig Johns
Craig Johns LinkedIn

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active CEO Podcast OWN Your OWN Gratitude

active CEO Podcast #97 Own Your OWN GRATITUDE

active CEO Podcast OWN Your OWN Gratitude


During times of unease or uncertainty it is easy to go insular and forget about the people around you. It is important to own your own gratitude, both externally and internally.

We need to OWN that GRATITUDE. What is it that we appreciate about ourselves? What is it that we thank ourselves for doing? What are we grateful for every single day?

Because it’s important to be kind to ourselves, and it’s important, and even more important, to be kind to other people.


Here are three ways that you can provide that GRATITUDE to people around you and for yourself.

1. Send a message to at least one person per day to say thank you and show your appreciation.

2. Write down one thing you did well today and why?

3. Note one thing you can do tomorrow that will make someone feel happier?

Want To Learn More?

Check out the newly Breaking The CEO Code whitepaper. It provides an overview of Breaking The CEO Code and showcases the 6 key phases. We also go a little deeper into the 2nd phase PERFORMANCE, where we discuss the 3 P’s of the Leadership Performance Formula.Breaking The CEO Code WhitepaperDownload

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