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active CEO Podcast Craig Johns

active CEO Podcast with Craig Johns

Bringing the world’s most creative, innovative, successful and high performance leaders to you through thought-provoking, engaging and enjoyable conversations on the active CEO Podcast. The active CEO Podcast will inspire you to lead active and healthy lifestyles, and improve your workplace performance and productivity. Your host Craig Johns, a global keynote speaker, leadership performance expert and coach thrives on teaching, coaching, learning and making a difference in people’s lives.

Podcast Reviews

Truly where the ordinary don’t live! ( 5 ⭐️)

“active CEO is a great podcast show with interview from the extraordinary – I love hearing CEO journey;s, this is a great podcast to keep up with the people making the world turn! KEEP IT UP!” ALEX J SANFILIPPO

Excellent ( 5 ⭐️)

“These are fantastic. I have listened to each episode as it becomes available and can’t wait for the next one. I love how its content driven and full of helpful, motivating and practical advice. Well done.” ROGTENNIS

Amazing leaders in a casual environment ( 5 ⭐️)

“Get a coffee and relax while you learn from inspiring active leaders. Great insight gained by Craig and Ben, two amazing leaders in their own right.” 34WALLIS

Great work and life balance tips ( 5 ⭐️)

“Loved the free flowing wide-ranging but relevant conversation between these two beautiful thought leaders. Look forward to more.” PETQUINN

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