active CEO Podcast Revital Golan Entrepreneur State Of Mind

active CEO Podcast #82 Revital Golan Entrepreneur State Of Mind

active CEO Podcast Revital Golan Entrepreneur State Of Mind
Managing Director Anemone Ventures

On this episode of the active CEO Podcast, Craig Johns speaks with Revital Golan about an Entrepreneur State Of Mind, mentoring female leaders, how Anemone Ventures supports tech startups in Asia and why Taiwan offers a unique opportunity of a business friendly environment.

We also delve into growing up in a Kibbutz and serving in the Israeli military, pushing the human limits, failure is a part of learning, living your own life and balancing adapting and influencing.

Revital Golan – Entrepreneur State Of Mind

Revital is fascinated with technology start-ups, aspiring future female leaders and being an active CEO. Known as a tenacious and determined leader, who loves the great outdoors, cycling big mountains and embodying diversity. She studied a MA Finance from the City University of New York, an Executive Master of Science in Finance from Zicklin School of Business and a BA Economics & Business Development from the Max Stern Yezreel Valley College.

After a career in the Israel Defence Forces, she moved with her family to Asia. Her roles included Project Manager & Assistant to Commercial and Defence Attache at the Embassy of Israel in Singapore; Country Manager Korea, Taiwan, HK Business Development Asia for Berlitz International; and Sales Director Asia for MassiveImpact. She founded Anemone Ventures in 2009 to help tech start-ups and SME’s establish in Asia.  With a huge passion in supporting the next generation of entrepreneurs and women business leaders she is the Women Professor Rank technical Expert at Providence University, Asia Pacific Desk Chief Representative for the University of Haifa Israel, and Chair of the Women in Business Programme for the British Chamber of Commerce in Taipei.

Revital talks about:

  • Military taught her discipline, decision making under pressure, teamwork and hardship.
  • Difference in leadership between Asia and Israel.
  • Having an entrepreneur state of mind.
  • How Asia taught her to be humble, be a better listener and observer.
  • Having a team that you can trust and build a team you can work closely with.
  • Her passion to bring start-ups and innovations into Asia.
  • Opening a company during the global financial crisis in 2009.
  • Why being an entrepreneur is a journey.
  • Now corporations are starting to encourage their employees to think as entrepreneurs.
  • Proven that companies that have diversity achieve better bottom lines and profit.
  • Being passionate about women in business and promoting more in senior positions.
  • Live your life, don’t live your kids life, husbands life or parents life.
  • Inspiring and empowering women in business across Taiwan.
  • Coping with low emotional times as an athlete or entrepreneur
  • Becoming a vegetarian at age of 16.
  • My continuous passion and will to challenge myself physically, mentally and emotionally.
  • Growing gap between the rich and poor, educated and uneducated.

Active CEO Performance Tip

Free Your Mind – We need to be very disciplined and attentive with our focus currency. It has become challenging to remain focused, be present and be attentive with globalization and technology driving constant contact 24/7. We can easily be bombarded with attention grabbing information, which can provide stressful emotions and be challenging to filter. Our workplaces have become custom-built to destroy both individual and team focus. We are exposed to constant chatter and noise in collaborative working and open plan workspaces. Ever growing number of scheduled meetings and internal emails can lead to overwhelm and scrambling to get “real work” completed before and after work, as well as the weekends. How temping is the lure of social media and social networking streams, status updates and instant gratification? It is important that you actively free your mind each day. This can be through exercise, meditation, walking in nature, listening to music, spending time with your children, breathing patterns, visualising positive and relaxing thoughts and for others it can be a walk in nature. How are you going to free your mind today?


“Learn how to be your own cheerleader. Nobody is going to give you a tap on the shoulder, oh my gosh, you did a great job. You have to do it by yourself, you have to find your own mentors, you have to be very determined for what you do and have to know how to adapt and change to the circumstances.” Celebrating the small wins in entrepreneurship with Revital Golan, on the active CEO Podcast.

“Don’t think that you are sacrificing anything for anybody else.  Your kids never ask you to sacrifice anything for them. When they become 18 you can’t say that you sacrificed your career for them.” Revital Golan explains why it’s important to do it for yourself, on the active CEO Podcast.

Resources Mentioned in this show:

Revital Golan LinkedIn
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Anemone Ventures
Craig Johns
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active CEO Podcast #52 Francesca Boase Building Trust In Crisis Management

Francesca Boase – General Manager Edelman Australia

On this episode of the active CEO Podcast, Craig Johns speaks with Francesca Boase about building trust in crisis management, storytelling as an art of communication, leading change, the Edelman Trust Barometer and being a great mentor. We also discuss personal development, being a custodian of peoples careers, the pain of accepting feedback, workplace wellness, and managing her energy and performance.

Francesca Boase – Building Trust In Crisis Management

Francesca Boase is an experienced global corporate communications specialist who is committed to the community, health, fitness and wellbeing. She is known for building strong relationships, impressive personal development programs and competing at the world triathlon championships.

A genuine people person, she is passionate about mentoring, facilitating and leading teams. Her focus in corporate and financial communication, media relations, reputation management and strategic counsel, has given her the necessary skills to thrive in her current role as Managing Director of Edelman Australia, the world’s largest independent communications agency.

Educated globally, she went to Island School, Hong Kong; studied Journalism, Film and Broadcasting and completed a Post Graduate Diploma Public Relations at the University of Wales, Cardiff; and attended the Australian Graduate School of Management. Her previous senior executive appointments have included roles at Sharman Networks, PPR PR Agency and Sefiani Communications Group.

Fran talks about:

  • Growing up in Hong Kong in the 1980’s surrounded by many nationalities.
  • Acting and then communicating with absolute integrity.
  • Honesty and transparency are absolute fundamentals to building that trust.
  • The most important elements when it comes to being proactive in crisis management.
  • We are in constant state of change.
  • What’s its going to take for you to say yes.
  • Fear accompanies change or uncertainty.
  • What makes a really great mentor.
  • Strategies to use when determining your teams internal motivations.
  • Managing stress and the importance of wellbeing in a fast-paced environment.
  • Having high standards and integrity as a leader.
  • Noticing and recognising the cultural differences of the generations coming through.
  • Businesses increasingly have a role to play in building the trust of Australians.
  • Talking about workplace wellness and not actually doing enough about it.
  • Recognising people as human beings in a holistic sense.
  • Really have to take care of yourself first and then come in and tackle the day.
  • Managing competitiveness in a healthy way and figuratively in a healthy way.
  • How to help young people really appreciate and value themselves.

Active CEO Wellness Tip

Motion Call – Stand up and go for a walk when you receive a phone call rather than stay seated at your computer. It reduces distractions and ensures you get the value of motion leads to emotion when you are walking. You will be surprised how much exercise you can do and how productive your calls become.


“Being able to effectively communicate means you can build trust, address issues, you can form an organisational and business point of view, and build a narrative and a story which is a very important part of engaging whether it is your target audiences, your staff or your customers.” Effective communication with Francesca Boase, on the active CEO Podcast.

“The bottom line is that people don’t come to work to achieve a business result. People come to work to be with other people. My experience is that being a leader and being able to communicate on a very human level is critical. Its critical to managing staff, it is critical for great client relationships. It is very important when you are dealing with very difficult situations.” Francesca Boase on communicating at a human level, on the active CEO Podcast.

“You genuinely need to have that recovery time. In terms of performance in a role that is very demanding, having a break and taking some time out is as important a lesson to learn to learn as is learning how to respond to a client or developing a communications strategy.” Francesca Boase talks about the importance of recovery with purpose, on the active CEO Podcast.

Resources Mentioned in this show:

Francesca Boase LinkedIn
Francesca Boase
Craig Johns
Craig Johns LinkedIn

active CEO Podcast #51 Chris Robb Money Can’t Buy Experiences

Chris Robb Mass Participation World Money Cant Buy Experiences
Chris Robb – Founder Mass Participation World

On this episode of the active CEO Podcast, Craig Johns speaks with Chris Robb about mass participation sport events, growing the Standard Chartered Marathon to over 60,00 participants, being the course manager for the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games marathon, and changing people’s lives through money can’t buy experiences. We also delve into the immense power of pause, coping with it being lonely at the top as a CEO, collaborative leadership, inspiring others to make a powerful impact on the world and serving a tennis ball into the back of Sir Richard Branson’s head.

Chris Robb – Money Can’t Buy Experiences.

Chris is an international authority on iconic large-scale mass participation events; a humble, loyal and curious leader; and a passionate family man now living in Bali, Indonesia. He is an enabler of people to have an active and healthy lifestyle, author of Mass Participation Sports Events and Better business Better Life Better World, is a high impact consultant and a champion of Buy 1 Give 1.

Growing up in Zimbabwe, he studied a Bachelor Commerce and Bachelor of Agricultural Management at the University of KwaZulu-Nattal. Getting his first taste of event management while at high school, our guest has over 30 years experience organising and leading events. During his career he has been at the helm of events for more than one million participants in the likes of Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, Zimbabwe, South Africa and India.

He established Spectrum Worldwide in Australia in 1992, where he worked on the 2000 Sydney Olympics, before establishing himself in Singapore at the commencement of the Asian health and fitness boom in the 2000’s. In 2015 he established Mass Participation Asia, an annual conference for event stakeholders, before selling Spectrum Worldwide to IRONMAN, in 2016.

Chris talks about:

  • Life growing up on a farm in Zimbabwe, during the independence war.
  • Having a rich upbringing from life experiences, even though they were financially poor.
  • The importance of embracing circumstances you find yourself in.
  • Being an 800m and 1500m runner training on farm tracks and dirt roads.
  • Planning to go back and run the family business on the farm.
  • Being involved in organising the Comrades Marathon while studying at University.
  • Changing people’s lives through money can’t buy experiences.
  • Getting parents out and getting active with their kids.
  • Getting more governments globally to recognise the value of sport especially the social and health impact.
  • Organising the Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon with over 60,000 participants.
  • Expanding the JP Morgan corporate challenge running events into Asia.
  • Partnering with Dave Hansen from Supersprint Events and Robbie McEwan.
  • Going from zero to sixty thousand customers within 6 months.
  • Ramping up from a team of 30 to more than 5,000 people over a 3 month period.
  • A mindset expecting that there is going to be a curveball will be thrown at you.
  • Collaborative leadership where you are always looking for a solution.
  • Surround yourself with a great group of mentors much like an athlete has.
  • Having ritual’s and keeping yourself mentally and physically in shape.
  • Helping make it easier for our future leaders to grow in the industry.

Active CEO Wellness Tip

Life Is Not A Dress Rehearsal – It is important that you turn up, show up and be present right now. It’s not about what you did yesterday or what you plan in the future. It is all about this one second, one minute, one hour or even one day and you are ready to go.


“Connecting with a community and a tribe and doing training and things together and taking you into the outdoors. It’s crucial for the health and wellbeing of the world.” Chris Robb talking about the power of sport and events on bringing people together, on the active CEO Podcast.

“I love putting that jigsaw together and making sure that everyone knows what they are doing, but also empowering them to make decisions.” Chris Robb on leading people, on the active CEO Podcast.

Resources Mentioned in this show:

Chris Robb LinkedIn
Chris Robb Facebook
Chris Robb Website
Chris Robb Email
Mass Participation World
Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon
Craig Johns
Craig Johns LinkedIn

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active CEO Podcast #24 Carl Wegner Financial Blockchain Evolution

On this episode of the active CEO Podcast, Craig Johns talks with Carl about the “why” behind learning Chinese, life in Asia over the last 30 years, falling into banking by accident, and his passion for financial technology and start-ups. We uncover Blockchain technology, R3’s innovative approach to raising finance, the power of the Corda platform, the challenge of writing code and his passion for cycling.


Carl Wegner is not afraid to challenge the status quo, build lasting cross-border relationships and stimulate innovative thinking. He has spent more than 30 years working in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan, making a difference in the Cash Management, Institutional Banking, Financial Supply Chain and Distributed Ledger Technology sectors.

During his time in Asia, he has held Managing Director and Executive Vice President roles at prominent banks such as Bank of Boston, Standard Chartered Bank (Taiwan) and Deutsche Bank (China). An interest in financial technology led to a role as Chief Representative of technology at TradeCard in China, which is now known as GTNexus, and since 2016 is the Managing Director and Head of APAC, at R3.

R3 is a gamechanger and world-leader in Blockhain Digital Ledger Technology, creating the Corda Enterprise platform, which growing global ecosystem comprises over 200 companies and regulators on six continents, making it the largest collaboration of its kind in the blockchain space.

Growing up in the USA, he completed a Bachelor of Science and Masters of Science in Chinese Language and Chinese History at Georgetown University. He has also completed an executive study program in International Management at INSEAD.

Carl has held Board Director roles at Taipei American School, Orbis Taiwan and the American Chamber of Commerce in Taiwan. He has used his experience an expertise to create, invest, advise and mentor a number of start-up businesses such as LiqEase, Chinaccellerator and Veterati

He is an avid cyclist, supporter of his children who are talented athletes, and enjoys lecturing and speaking on Cash Management, Financial Supply Chain Management, FinTech and RMB Internationalization

Carl talks about:

  • Learning Chinese and travelling to study Chinese in Taiwan on a Study Abroad program.
  • Living and working in Asia for more than 30 years.
  • Not thinking math would be a tool for the future.
  • Extending his stay in Hong Kong to witness the handover from British to Chinese rule.
  • The changing role of expats working in Asia.
  • Trade wars going on between China and the USA, doesn’t just affect China but everyone that trades with them.
  • The importance of understanding the culture and being as open-minded as possible.
  • Thriving as an expat when everything is so foreign to you.
  • Why R3 caught his attention and how Blockchain is going to change our lives.
  • By 2025 10% of the value of the worlds goods will be processed on Blockchain platforms.
  • R3’s innovation approach to raising capital.
  • Why 40 plus banks have all invested in the R3 business and Corda platform.
  • Blockchain is likely to take ten years to get to those “uber-type” moments.
  • The major legal and security issues that Blockchain is currently facing and what they are looking to overcome.
  • Having a down to earth and collaborative leadership style.
  • The attraction of cycling and why Taiwan is so great to cycle around.
  • Travelling upwards of a quarter of a million miles this year.
  • The challenge of keeping fit while travelling for work often.
  • Balancing rest with exercise.

Active CEO Wellness Tip

Fitness Friend – Do you find it a challenge to stay motivated and consistent with your workouts when you train by yourself? Finding a workout friend is hugely helpful for keeping motivated, ensuring you turn up each day and making it fun. It is important to find someone who is positive and will inspire, rather than discourage you. Write down a list of your friends who love to exercise and then mark down whether they are available to meet on a regular basis, are they supportive of your goals, and can they keep up with you or even push your limits in key workouts? Once you have identified someone or a group of people, then now is a great time to give them a call and get started.


“What I see is what you see and that is the truth.” Carl Wegner explaining distributed ledger technology on the active CEO Podcast.

“Blockchain is the Paradigm shift on how data is shared.” Carl Wegner on the active CEO Podcast.

“Here is a gap, here is something you haven’t thought about and just because you have Incredible energy doesn’t necessarily mean that it makes sense. You have to think practically.” Carl Wegner on the active CEO Podcast and why he likes investing in start-ups.

Resources Mentioned in this show:

Carl Wegner LinkedIn
Craig Johns
Craig Johns LinkedIn
Ben Gathercole LinkedIn
Ben Gathercole Performance Coaching

Recommended Reading:

Better Than Winning – Ben Gathercoles’s best selling book

active CEO Podcast #21 Bridie O’Donnell Leadership Driven by Authenticity

Bridie O’Donnell – CEO Office for Women in Sport (Victorian Govt)

On this episode of the active CEO Podcast, we get an intricate look inside the energetic life of Bridie O’Donnell, changing careers, her highs and lows as an athlete, the lessons learnt on the bike that have transferred to her role as a CEO, and the mindfulness required to claim a world record. We delve into her work as a CEO and the This Girl Can campaign, leveling the playing field for women and girls in sport and her view on leadership.


Bridie O’Donnell is driven to positively change they way we think, believe and act. Growing up in the Sunshine Coast Hinterlands of Australia, she transformed her career from improving the wellbeing and health of people as a doctor in the medical industry, to being a professional athlete racing to put food on her plate, and now as an up-and-coming leader in the sport industry.

Her medical career included being a physician at Epworth Healthcheck and Epworth Breast Service, as well as paving her way to be a medical expert on Network Ten’s “The Project”, a co-host on Everyday Health, Doctor on the AFL Injury Report, and tutor at Deakin University Medical School.

Not only is she well educated, a talented physician and an astute businesswoman, but she is also an impressive cyclist setting the UCI women’s hour record of 46.882km at sea level, 2008 Australian Road Cycle Time Trial Champion and a 3x Australian representative at the World Road Cycling Championships, she is also completed the Ironman Hawaii Ironman World Championships and is a 7x gold medallist Australian Masters Rowing Championships.

She is clearing the fields and creating new pavements as the first ever CEO for the Office For Women in Sport and Recreation at the Victorian Government. This year, she wrote a book: Life and Death: a cycling memoir.

Bridie talks about:

  • The beginning phase of your life and the parents you choose, are keys to success.
  • Getting the most out of your body as an athlete and the most out of your mind as a student.
  • People who aren’t good at choosing active transport are very good at finding reasons not too.
  • Going sub 11hrs at the Hawaii Ironman World Championships, but not being happy as she wanted to be winning and being on the podium.
  • Being extensively ignored by coaches as she didn’t start rowing until she was 26.
  • Going from 0 to winning the Australian Time Trial Champs in 1 year.
  • Being coached by Donna Razer Lynskey.
  • A lot of athletes overtrain, they do too much, think more is better, or they don’t train specifically enough.  
  • Riding in support of Commonwealth Games Gold medalist Chloe Hosking.
  • The mind games and staying focused for nearly 200 laps when she claimed the world hour cycle record.
  • The challenges during her first year as a CEO.
  • Decline in female sport participation and the lack of female leaders.
  • People keep doing the same thing and expecting a different result.
  • Life & Death – A Cycling Memoir, her recently released book.
  • Being CEO at the Office for Women in Sport & Recreation
  • Her job being in equal parts a privilege, thrilling & completely terrifying
  • Going surfing for the first time last week.
  •  “Why wouldn’t you do that?”

Active CEO Wellness Tip

 3 C’s to Success –At least once in a CEO’s career they will have a goal to lose weight. It can be a real challenge to maintain a healthy weight if you are constantly travelling, having dinner meetings, socialising with your clients, working long hours, sitting at a desk and under high levels of stress. To break the model you need COMMITMENT, CONSISTENCY and CONTROL. Commitment to healthy lifestyle is about 80% mental and without mental strength and commitment your life change is unlikely to last. Any type of success requires consistency over a long period of time, even when you feel tired, frustrated and cranky. You need the self-control to say no to a beer, calorie-filled deserts, a second take at the buffet and the burger bar. Control the forces in your life to ensure you have time to sleep, rest, exercise and enjoy the basic human rights of eating, resting and exercising. 


“As a road cyclist, when you race, you very rarely win, so you have to start to manage your disappointment or your failure by determining what impact you might be able to have through your performance.” Life on the bike with Bridie O’Donnell on the active CEO Podcast.

“Where you see dysfunction is where the leader does not acknowledge it, assign roles properly, where people don’t commit and aren’t accountable, or where there is undermining and people are desperately thinking of themselves over the wellbeing of the team.” Talking about dysfunctional teams with Bridie O’Donnell on the active CEO Podcast.

“People want leaders to be authentic these days, people who have lived experiences that can be flawed and difficult. No one wants to be lead by a person who behaves as though they have never had hardship and doesn’t feel challenges.” Bridie O’Donnell speaking on Leadership in 2019 on the active CEO Podcast.

Resources Mentioned in this show:

Bridie O’Donnell LinkedIn
Bridie O’Donnell Website
Bridie O’Donnell Instagram
Bridie O’Donnell Wikipedia
This Girl Can
Craig Johns LinkedIn
Ben Gathercole LinkedIn
Ben Gathercole Performance Coaching

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actve CEO Podcast Indiran Padayachee Rentcorp Winning Only Matters

active CEO Podcast #6 Indiran Padayachee Winning Only Matters

PCB Vol 6- Indiran Padayachee
Indiran Padayachee – Founder & CEO Rentcorp Forklifts

On this episode of the active CEO Podcast, Craig Johns and Ben Gathercole speak with Indiran Padayachee delving into his performance and precision mind, discussing immigrating from South Africa to Australia, working in Toyota, leading Rentcorp, allowing people to mistakes, investing in your competitors, innovation through diversification of staff, being an active CEO and why racing Porsche GT Cup cars is his ‘Golf” outlet.

Indiran Padayachee

Indiran Padayachee is the Founder, Director and CEO of Rentcorp Forklifts. Indiran immigrated to Australia in 1987 and has been building RentCorp, a Forklift rental company, in Sydney. Indiran is also a dedicated and very successful Porsche Cup competitor, which is one of the most competitive one make series in the world. He is a very humble, well respected, and leads through empowerment.

Indiran talks about:

  • The challenges of immigrating from South Africa to Australia in the 1980’s
  • Dealing with leaving behind a well-established lifestyle and family network
  • How working with Toyota gave him the stepping stones to starting his own business
  • Why it was important to work locally, get to know the culture, what was and wasn’t acceptable, business environment, and meeting customers and people
  • What the materials and handling industry involves and how it is evolving
  • The importance of a rapidly changing IT world
  • Investing time in knowing what your competitors are doing, finding alternatives, in-house training, empowering people and providing exceptional service.
  • Using a collaborative and empowerment centered leadership style
  • Allowing people to make mistakes
  • If someone needs a solution, then the present 3 options
  • How Rentcorp fosters innovation
  • Why the staff write down five points each day
  • Opportunities to discuss new ideas
  • Finding something simple
  • What he does to stay active and healthy
  • The alignment of motorsport and business
  • Why the sign in the Rentcorp Boardroom says “Business is Like a war, only winning matters.”
  • Innovation through diversification of staff
  • Motorsport being his ‘golf’ outlet
  • Mental preparation before opening the door handle
  • Precision in the process of racing a Porsche GT Cup car
  • Why his licence plate reads “My Way”.
  • His wife having the greatest impact on his career


“Business is Like a war, only winning matters.” with Indiran Padayachee. You can listen here

Why is the innovation through diversification of staff, and the alignment between driving a Porsche and business, so important to success? Listen to Indiran Padayachee and gain an insight into leading by example on the active CEO Podcast.

Resources Mentioned in this show:

Recommended Reading:

Better Than Winning – Ben’s best selling book

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