active CEO Podcast #139 TRUST Through Healthy Confrontation

active CEO Podcast 139 Trust Through Healthy Confrontation

TRUST Through Healthy Confrontation

As leaders it is important that we build TRUST & resilience through healthy confrontation in a safe psychological space.

Trust and resilience are two important ingredients when it comes to positive and successful team dynamics. Trust is the glue and resilience is the pliability of the collective.

Trust is confidence in the honesty or integrity of a person or thing, and/or having confidence, faith or hope in someone or something.

Resilience is our ability to adapt well in the face of adversity, trauma, tragedy, threats, or significant sources of stress—such as family and relationship problems, serious health problems, or workplace and financial stressors.

To build trust and resilience we need to create an environment that fosters healthy confrontation where people or groups with opposing ideas or opinions are free to express without the fear of retaliation or negative consequences. This is achieved through creating a safe psychological safety where the shared belief in the team is that it is safe for interpersonal risk taking, and team members feel accepted and respected.

in 2018 Google released their research findings on the five keys to a successful Google team. They found that the highest-performing teams have one thing in common: psychological safety, the belief that you won’t be punished when you make a mistake.

To achieve psychological safety, we need to create a space that allows for moderate risk-taking, speaking your mind, creativity, and sticking your neck out without fear of having it cut off. The results are higher levels of engagement, increased motivation, effective problem solving, enhanced learning and better performance.

Healthy confrontation done effectively is a true asset to your business or team. To create an atmosphere of healthy confrontation build rapport, be timely with confronting, focus on the issue rather than the person, aim to find a resolution and always follow up after the conversation.

It’s time for your to build the trust and resilience need in your workplace to stimulate innovation and creativity.

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