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active CEO Podcast #151 Arash Arabi Defeat The Enemy Within

active CEO Podcast #151 Arash Arabi Defeat The Enemy Within

On this episode of the active CEO Podcast, Craig Johns speaks with Arash Arabi about defeat the enemy within, being a scrum master, servant leadership and the wise enterprise.

We also delve into  systems thinking, emotional intelligence, leadership, organisational design, and how we can inch together towards the goal line.

Arash Arabi – Defeat The Enemy Within          

Arash is a Taekwondo World Champion, Agile and Leadership Coach and a person with a passion for Emotional Intelligence. The author of The Wise Enterprise, Arash Arabi is a systems thinker, and a man who loves trying new languages and technologies.

He studied a Bachelors and Masters in Information Technology from Monash University, and a Professional Leadership Program from Motivation Matters. His career has included IT software and engineering roles with companies such as Oracle and Intrepid Travel, and has been an Agile Coach and Trainer for companies like ANZ, and nBn Australia. Now, he is the founder & CEO of Sprint Agile and is an Agile Coach for IOOF Holdings.

Arash talks about

  • Growing up in Iran during the war.
  • What’s my role in the universe
  • What would you do with all the time and money in the world?
  • Becoming a Taekwondo World Champion.
  • My superpower is endurance through everything I have done in life.
  • It’s what really makes me satisfied internally that really counts.
  • Realising that a successful person needs to understand everyone.
  • Scrum Masters being servant leaders.
  • Economical war versus a chemical war.
  • The Wise Enterprise.
  • Decision making is influenced by our emotions.
  • Leadership is a skill not a rank.
  • How everyone perceives the world to form their opinions.
  • An answer is only as good as the question


“I couldn’t defeat the enemy within, because I was stressed, I wasn’t able to use my skills to the best of my abilities. I had all these tricks up my sleeve that I would easily be able to beat the other person. I couldn’t, as it went 10mins overtime. I couldn’t defeat the enemy within.” Arash Arabi talks about Defeat The Enemy Within, on the active CEO Podcast.

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