active CEO Podcast #138 Kine Corder Finding Your Money Mission

active CEO Podcast #138 Kine Corder Finding Your Money Mission

On this episode of the active CEO Podcast, Craig Johns speaks with Kine Corder about finding your money mission, being born with an extra dose of calm and being a guest on the Oprah Winfrey Show.

We also speak about why high achievers tend to sacrifice their relationships, the differences between masculine and feminine money motivations, and starting the Presidential Experience Private Club.

Kine Corder – Finding Your Money Mission

Kine Corder is a financial therapist, speaker, best-selling author and Prosperity Report “Love & Money” podcast host, who focuses on stress management and mid-life crisis for high performers, and has starred in magazines like Elle and Marie Claire, and on the television sensation Oprah. She is a beautiful leader who has dedicated her life to relieving the pain in the world, volunteering for the wellbeing foundation, being a super grandmother, and performs as a spoken word poet, Kine Corder

Kine has a Bachelor of Arts Media Studies from Columbia College Chicago and Masters in Clinical Mental Health Counselor from Argosy University. Her career has included Event Planner at Innovative Custom Event Designs, Financial Advisor at Ameriprise Financial Services Inc, Finance Planning Specialist at Morgan Stanley Wealth Management, and is currently the CEO, Author, Speaker of Presidential Lifestyle Inc.

Kine talks about:

  • Parents encouraging her to be a gut person
  • Writing the book, the art of starting over
  • A life in the entertainment industry
  • Starring on Extreme Makeover
  • Helping people with their money mentality
  • Finding your money mission
  • Money mindset starts at a young age.
  • What brings meaning to your life.
  • The Prosperity Report
  • Money and Meaning Podcast.
  • Why is everybody in so much pain
  • Stop doing what society told you to do


“Your why power fuels you when willpower fails you.” Kine Corder talks about the money mission, on the active CEO Podcast.

“I wasn’t getting to know you. Because I was working so hard to try to be whatever it was I thought I needed to be in order for me to show up and be loved.” Learning to love your authentic self with Kine Corder, on the active CEO Podcast.

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