active CEO Podcast #87 Have You Got CEO Presence

active CEO Podcast Have You Got CEO Presence

CEO Presence

Craig Johns talks about CEO Presence, the second P of the 3P’s of the Leadership Performance Formula. CEO Presence allows you to develop and utilize skills that allow you to stay focused, hold peoples attention, raise the energy and deliver your message with clarity and purpose.

How we turn up and show up to the office, meetings, presentations and events can either have a positive or negative effect on productivity, confirming a contract or even the way current or potential consumers view your business.

How much time do you spend preparing for an interaction with a person or group of people, in regards to the content, desired outcome, mood you want to set and the way you need to present to achieve the result you are aiming for?

What routine to do you need to complete to ensure that you go into the required state to achieve the desired collective energy and mood whether it be in a meeting, arriving at the office, speaking to the participants on stage or stepping onto an event site?

CEO Presence provides you with the skills to stay focused on what is important when there are distractions, people challenging you, skeptics raising doubt in your mind and the constant noise trying to disturb you.

Have you got CEO Presence?

Check out the newly Breaking The CEO Code whitepaper. It provides an overview of Breaking The CEO Code and showcases the 6 key phases. We also go a little deeper into the 2nd phase PERFORMANCE, where we discuss the 3 P’s of the Leadership Performance Formula.

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