active CEO Podcast #104 Mark Weatherall Leading The Great Outdoors

active CEO Podcast #104 Mark Weatherall Te Araroa Surf Lifesaving New Zealand Leading The Great Outdoors
Mark Weatherall – CEO Te Araroa

On this episode of the active CEO Podcast, Craig Johns speaks with Mark Weatherall about leading the great outdoors, being a decisive leader, creating a winning environment, managing sports tribunal inquiries and being CEO of Canoe Racing New Zealand.

We also delve into the lessons in leadership growing up in surf lifesaving and being in the great outdoors, the power of values, and why you should walk the Te Araroa trail and see the amazing world of New Zealand.

Mark Weatherall – Leading The Great Outdoors

Mark Weatherall is an enthusiastic and self starting CEO who has overseen the growth of Olympic Programs, serving the community through surf lifesaving and a guardian of the 3,000km Te Araroa trail, which extends the length of New Zealand.

He studied a Bachelor of Parks, Recreation and Tourism Management majoring in Sport Management, from Lincoln University. His career has included managerial roles at Surf Lifesaving Otago and Surf Lifesaving New Zealand, and has held CEO roles at Poverty Bay Rugby, Canoe Racing NZ and currently Te Araroa Trust.

In his spare time he is the most successful Team Manager for the Black Fins Surf Lifesaving Team, winning the 2012, 2014 and 2016 World Championship titles. I am excited to bring you high performing leader who is passionate about photography and loves spending time with his children in the great outdoors whether it be fishing, hunting, diving or camping, Mark Weatherall.

Mark talks about:

  • Being the quiet person who is happy to empower people to step up and get things done.
  • Sport as an enabler to save lives in surf lifesaving.
  • Managing the Black Fins Surf Lifesaving New Zealand team to beat Australia
  • Developing the belief that they could win a World title.
  • Clarity on values, responsibilities and roles created winners.
  • Creating better people for being involved in the Black Finz
  • Leveraging Lisa Carrington’s Olympic Gold medals.
  • Reconnecting with clubs at Canoe Racing NZ.
  • Huge challenge to change from an individual to a team focus.
  • The fastest boat or the four fastest paddlers.
  • Geoff Barry telling Mark to be more decisive
  • If I go it wrong, my reputation as a CEO could have been in tatters
  • People walking the length of the country on the Te Araroa trail.
  • Parents and the pressure they place on kids and coaches
  • New Zealand 3,000km walkway, the most diverse walking trail in the world
  • Managing group of staff to now managing myself

Active CEO Performance Tip

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“Challenge in balancing your life when working a role like that when you become something to everyone.” Mark Weatherall talks about leading not-for-profit organisation, on the active CEO Podcast.

“Be better tomorrow than what you are today.” Mark Weatherall speaks about creating a winning culture, on the active CEO Podcast.

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