active CEO CORPORATE Programs focus on leadership performance, leading high performing teams and facilitating transformational change for CEO’s, Leaders, Senior Executives and their teams.

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Leadership Performance

Specifically tailored half day, full day and multi-day CORPORATE programs, focusing on improving employee wellness and performance, and building high performing leaders through the “Breaking The CORPORATE Code” curriculum and practical tools. We also build and support the implementation of Breaking The CORPORATE Code wellbeing and performance frameworks for organisations.

Leading High Performing Teams

Customised half day, full day and multi-day CORPORATE programs that support CEO’s and Senior Executives developing the skills to lead high performing teams that have:a shared vision, creative impact, supportive relationships, clear outcomes, collaborative leadership, and a culture of accountability.

Transformational Change

Uniquely designed Transformational Change process that guides organisations from an existing state to a more positive desired state. The length of the process is determined by the degree of change required and involves:

  1. creating a meaningful “WHY” to change & clear vision to achieve
  2. building change shapers who drive momentum & remove resistance
  3. instilling a reward culture that leads to continual growth

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