active CEO Podcast #133 GROWTH Through Creative Risk-taking

active CEO Podcast 133 Growth Through Creative Risk Taking

Growth Through Creative Risk-taking

How to foster GROWTH through creative risk-taking, problem-solving & information sharing.

Albert Einstein once noted that ‘creativity is intelligence having fun’. He was discussing the connecting between the science and the art in society through experiments, creations, innovative thinking and different perceptions of the world.

Creativity involves bringing something new or innovative, whether it be an action, product, idea, approach or representation.

It is how we interpret or translate what we see, believe or create for the world.

How can you create a culture of creativity and innovation in your team or organisation?

What ways can you ensure the focus on creativity and innovation is throughout the entire team or organisation?

How are you living the leadership behaviours of creativity and innovation?

What can you implement to ensure that innovation is reinforced through providing the time to innovate, values, recognition and rewards?

It is valuable to ensure that barriers are removed, but just enough controls in place to ensure that intelligent risk-taking takes place?

It is time for you to reward and foster a culture of creativity and risk-taking.

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