active CEO Podcast 118 Annie Gibbins Biography Of A Curious Woman

Active CEO Podcast #118 Annie Gibbins Biography Of A Curious Woman

On this episode of the active CEO Podcast, Craig Johns speaks with Annie Gibbins about Becoming Annie The Biography Of A Curious Woman, the beauty and pressure of having two sets of twins, creating magic transformations, and saving sight every day with Glaucoma Australia.

We also delve into leading through COVID-19, cog in the wheel mindset, engaging the Governor General and How do we get success for what it means for us?

Annie Gibbins – Briography Of A Curious Woman

Annie Gibbins is a CEO Super Mum, a high achiever who is committed to serving others through her leadership as CEO of Glaucoma Australia, coaching corporates and creating magic transformations in her Lipstick Consulting business. She is a volunteer in the McGrath Foundation, an inspirational and dynamic leader and entrepreneur who helps people produce results that matter.

Annie is an author in Unsung Business Heroes, Double Trouble Double Treat What having twins is really like, Breaking Lifelong Barriers, Self Care Mastery, and releasing in July 2020 Becoming Annie, The Biography Of A Curious Woman. She has a Diploma of Applied Health Science Nursing from the University of Technology Sydney, Bachelor Health Science at Southern Cross University, Graduate Diploma of Adult Vocational Education from Griffith University and Master of Education Vocational Education and Training from the University of technology Sydney. Her career has included CEO roles at Australasian Society for Ultrasound in Medicine, Australian Institute of Ultrasound and Glaucoma Australia.

Annie talks about:

  • The dream of being a businesswoman and a CEO
  • Understanding terrible things happen to really beautiful people
  • The beauty and pressure of being a mum of two sets of twins
  • Get the very best out of people, by encouraging them from behind
  • Responsibility of a CEO and the classic imposter syndrome
  • If you are in the wrong place, is not good for you
  • People are the top priority and need time to prepare their mindset
  • Engaging the Governor General as patron and Kurt Pengelly from INXS as an ambassador
  • The story behind Lipstick consulting
  • Trekking to Everest base camp and 3 high passes
  • Magic Transformation online mentoring and coaching program.
  • Because you think you are a little charity then its not possible
  • Becoming Annie – The Biography of a Curious Woman
  • There are many challenges and we are all on a journey
  • How can we support females in the workforce more effectively


“Partner up with the right people who are on song with our message.” Annie Gibbins discusses the importance of collaboration, on the active CEO Podcast.

“What’s the one little thing that represents in that moment that makes you feel better.“ Self care as a leader with Annie Gibbins, on the active CEO Podcast.

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Glaucoma Australia
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active CEO Podcast #80 Jonathan Rake Launchpad To Go Beyond Borders

active CEO Podcast #80 Jonathan Rake Launchpad To Go Beyond Borders

active CEO Podcast #80 Jonathan Rake Launchpad To Go Beyond Borders
Jonathan Rake – CEO Swiss Re Asia Pacific

On this episode of the active CEO Podcast, Craig Johns speaks with Jonathan Rake, about his Launchpad to go beyond borders, the World Economic Forum shaping your thinking as a leader, leaders are hired to make judgement calls and performance leadership as CEO at Swiss Re Asia Pacific.

We also delve into the global water crisis, running marathons with Mina Guli the CEO of Thirst, the importance of balancing ones mind, protecting the asset, and amazing human beings doing incredible things.

Jonathan Rake – Launchpad To Go Beyond Borders

Jonathan is a World Economic Forum Young Global Leader and Advisory Board member, a passionate leader who is dedicated to CSR and community initiatives, and is involved in a project called Global Ledger. Jonathan is a phenomenal global leader, who loves running and has a deep passion for solving the global water crisis.

He studied a Bachelor Commerce Economics, Accountancy, Business and Law from Stellenbosch University. His career has involved working at ABN Amro Bank; and roles in Corporate Business, Business Development and Country CEO of Singapore at Zurich Financial Services. In 2016 he joined Swiss Re as their CEO of Singapore and in 2017 became the CEO of Asia Pacific.

Jonathan talks about:

  • Nelson Mandela’s influence during the transition from Apartheid.
  • His Launchpad to go beyond borders.
  • Culture difference between Zurich Financial Services & ABN Amro Bank.
  • Why judgement is super critical in a CEO and leadership role.
  • Swiss Re focus on clients, but also making the world more resilient.
  • Mitigating all the trends that are disrupting lives and industries.
  • Why the global water crisis is the world’s greatest risk in the future.
  • Chasing the goal, fighting hard & taking yourself into a difficult place.
  • You can’t stay in your peak performance state of mind all the time.
  • Stop take 3 breaths, step away & realise how good you have it.
  • Calming down & getting some rest & starting the day with exercise.
  • Learning that you must not pile your passions into one area.
  • We should be judged by not what we create, but what we leave behind.

Active CEO Performance Tip

To Diet or Not To Diet – People are often looking for the quick fix, when it comes to food. Many people jump on the bandwagon of the thousands of fad-style, celebrity endorsed and marketing designed diets, which have no research into the long-term effects on the body, mind and soul. Science compared every diet and the winner is real food. The only diet that has been implemented and remains over a long period of time is that established 10,000’s of years ago. It is a predominantly plant-based diet with no processed foods and only included the occasional meat when they were quick enough to catch it. Those living by the sea would catch fish and seafood. Why would you incorporate the middle-person in the diet, so to speak, when you can go straight to the source an eat it. What do I mean by this? Land animals generally eat plant-based diets including fruit, vegetables and grains, which are the stable of all nutritious diets. So why do we need to eat red meat, when it is just the by-product of the plant based foods we need anyway? What diet should you eat?


“You are only doing long-term damage if you are running on the edge and stress is building and you are not taking care of yourself. ” Discussing stress and recovery with Jonathan Rake, on the active CEO Podcast.

“When you are travelling and out of your normal environment you don’t get into your level 3 and 4 deep sleep where you are doing the body repair than helps us function. You need to be alert and aware in your environment.” Travel and sleep dysfunction with Jonathan Rake on the active CEO Podcast.

Resources Mentioned in this show:

Jonathan Rake LinkedIn
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Jonathan Rake World Economic Forum
World Economic Forum
Swiss Re
Craig Johns
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active CEO Podcast 53 Leigh Russell

active CEO Podcast #53 Leigh Russell Diving Into Human Potential

active CEO Podcast 53 Leigh Russell
Leigh Russell – CEO Swimming Australia

On this episode of the Sportspeople Recruitment active CEO Podcast, Craig Johns speaks with Leigh Russell about her fascination with human performance, being an authentic leader, the power of mentors and diving into human potential. We also delve into how career counselling at a school led to a role at AFL Players Association, thriving as a young CEO at Netball Victoria, working with Bianca Chatfield on the Ignition Project, the integrity and duty of care challenges as CEO of Swimming Australia, and how sleep is such a critical enabler of effective leadership.

Leigh Russell

Leigh Russell is an accomplished sports leader, who thrives in challenging high performance environments, and is considered a collaborative, values driven and results focused leader. She is an authentic, ambitious and humble leader who has published ‘Game On’ and ‘Every Girl Needs a Plan’.

Her education includes a BA in Psychology & Sociology at Monash University, Postgraduate Diploma of Business from Swinburne University of Technology, Australian Institute of Company Directors, and has Graduate Diplomas in Education, Counselling and Career Counselling for Elite Performers.

Leigh has held National and General Manager roles at AFL Players Association, Gold Coast Football, Essendon Football Club and CEO of Netball Victoria; Director roles at The Ignition Project and Inspired Heads; and Chair positions on committees at Cricket Australia and Tennis Australia.

She was the first woman to hold a senior executive position within an AFL Club, the youngest ever CEO appointed in Netball Victoria’s history, and is currently the CEO of Swimming Australia, Australia’s most successful Olympic Sport.

Leigh talks about:

  • Creating a career that was about people.
  • Passion of the role that sport can play in people’s lives.
  • Diving into human potential and human performance.
  • Sociology in the nature and nurture of people.
  • Being a lifelong learner in leadership.
  • Telling it like it is and having those honest conversations.
  • How Change Our Game and Male Champions of Change are vital in accelerating diversity.
  • Sport being incredibly disrupted by E-sports and other entertainment.
  • Really traditional sporting base and the Australian federated model is under quite a lot of stress.
  • Getting people smarter than you, to sit at the table.
  • Think about careers as a patchwork quilt rather than a liner path.
  • How entrepreneurship allowed her to see things from a different angle.
  • Removing unconscious bias in a high performance environment.
  • The need to increase focus on the wellbeing of coaches and staff.
  • Using the DISC tool as a language system around behaviour.
  • What can we learn from the current integrity space and what is our duty of care.
  • It’s harder to work on active and healthy lifestyle as you take on larger roles.

Active CEO Performance Tip

Travel Agility – When you are travelling you have to be agile in your approach to ensuring you are getting in your daily exercise. It’s important to be flexible and be creative with what you have available. It might be using the hotel gym and throwing in some run shoes and running along the riverside paths.


“I absolutely perform and function so much better when I am in the zone of good sleep. ” Leigh Russell on taking care of herself, on the Sportspeople Recruitment active CEO Podcast.

“Having somebody in your corner, inner sanctum that is prepared to challenge and support you. Challenging to find the feedback you need to really start to think how you learn and think over time.” Leigh Russell speaks about the power of mentors, on the Sportspeople Recruitment active CEO Podcast.

Resources Mentioned in this show:

Leigh Russell Twitter
Leigh Russell LinkedIn
Leigh Russell Instagram
Swimming Australia
Craig Johns
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