active CEO Podcast #134 Julie Masters How Gravity Shifts Influence

active CEO Podcast 134 Julie Masters How Gravity Shifts Influence

On this episode of the active CEO Podcast, Craig Johns speaks with Julie Masters about how gravity shifts influence, the art of influence, gaining permission through contribution and the power of epic storytelling.

We also delve into translating the world we live in, inside influence, political influence and what it takes to lead yourself.

Julie Masters – How Gravity Shifts Influence

Julie Masters is a beautiful human being who has dedicated a career to decoding influence, has a 20 year history as a leading authority in the speaking world launching the world’s most respected leaders, and is the host of the very popular Inside Influence Podcast. She is an impressive leader, wonderful mother of two young children and an exceptional speaker who has a passion for helping people to inspire a world to take action.

Her education includes a BA Hons Public Relations from Bournemouth University and is a board member of Professional Speakers Australia. Julie’s career includes marketing and PR roles with Sony and Harrods, before transitioning into the world of speaking where she was Chief of Operations at Ovations International. In 2006 she co-founded ODE Management the largest speaker management company in the world, before founding Influence Nation in 2016.

Julie talks about:

  • Inspiring and influencing genius.
  • Being world class.
  • Transferring from influence through trust.
  • Becoming the primary translator of influence.
  • You have to earn simplicity.
  • Amplify your message.
  • How gravity shifts influence.
  • The key to permission is contribution.
  • Influence shows up when we show up.
  • Certainty in the moment.
  • The three tools of manipulation.
  • Fluency in Charismatic language.
  • Translating the world we live in.
  • Atomic reach through the power of collaboration.
  • How well do you play with others


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