NRG2Perform delivers next generation performance leadership programs for sport coaches who want to be high performing through Breaking The COACH Code.

Specifically tailored one-on-one mentoring; conference session; half day, full day workshops; or multi-day long-term programs, focusing on developing your leadership as a high performing sport coach or high performance support team, through the Breaking The COACH Code curriculum and practical tools.

Programs include the four key fundamentals of Peak Human Performance:

  • ENERGY (fitness) – healthy body, healthy mind
  • FUEL (nutrition) – a Formula 1 car won’t perform on diesel fuel
  • EMOTION (mindset) – you are infectious both positive & negative
  • RECOVERY (recharge) – if you don’t switch the light off it will blow

And, the 3P’s of building sustainable energy for high performing coaches:

  • COACH Periodization – scheduling your energy & recovery over time
  • COACH Presence – communicating with purpose, precision & energy
  • COACH Performance – bringing the energy, showing up & turning up
NRG2Perform has partnered with Sportspeople Recruitment, to bring Australia and New Zealand’s premier sport CEOs and leaders stories to life through the Sportspeople Recruitment active CEO Podcast and Video series.
Craig Phlllips Commonwealth Games Australia
Craig Phillips – CEO Commonwealth Games Australia

June 2019 Podcast – Craig Phillips (CEO Commonwealth Games Australia) The Games Shaper listen now
May 2019 Podcast – Kate Palmer (CEO Sport Australia) Changing the Game listen now

June 2019 Video – Margot Harley (CEO Rowing NSW) – watch now
May 2019 Video – Danny Townsend (CEO Sydney FC) – watch now


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