active CEO Podcast #135 REWARD Recognition & Reflection

active CEO Podcast 135 Reward, Recognition and Reflection

REWARD, Recognition & Reflection

Promote REWARD, recognition & reflection strategies to ensure accountability.

Company and team accountability means that all employees and team members are responsible for their actions, behaviours, performance and decisions.

When team members consistently demonstrate ownership and accountability, trust is formed.

“Instead of telling your team what to do (as in direction) tell them why it’s important (as in context.) Their ability to commit and be accountable for that task increases immensely as a result.” – Karthik Sridhar,

Quite often we reward the major achievements no matter how we got there. In a company or team we should always reward the collective desired behaviours. Reward us when we do what we are supposed to do!

As a leader, it is useful to ask the team how they would like to be rewarded. The worst decision you can make is offering them something they don’t collectively value.

If you want a team to stay at the top of its game, you need to recognize the team. Team recognition matters to both the team and each individual.

Reflecting on the performances, lessons and achievements is invaluable to a team and each individual. Find space for your people to have the time to reflect on what they have done.

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