active CEO Podcast #90 Jason Treu Building Trust For Transformation Craig Johns Breaking The CEO Code NRG2Perform CEO Leadership Trust

active CEO Podcast #90 Jason Treu Building Trust For Transformation

active CEO Podcast #90 Jason Treu Building Trust For Transformation Craig Johns Breaking The CEO Code NRG2Perform CEO Leadership Trust

On this episode of the active CEO Podcast, Craig Johns speaks with Jason Treu about building trust for transformation, vulnerability and leadership, and why all leaders should provide psychological safety in their organisation, team or community.

We also discuss Unstoppable Workplaces, Cards Against Mundanity, why the Dallas Cowboys and Mavericks are the heart and soul of the city, and leading high performing teams.

Jason Treu – Building Trust For Transformation

Jason is a best-selling author of Social Wealth, TEDx Wilmington Speaker, and Executive Coach who has worked with transformational leaders such as Steve Jobs, Mark Cuban and Reed Hastings. He is host of the Executive Breakthroughs Podcast, Keynote Speaker on Unstoppable Workplaces, Dallas Cowboys and Mavericks fan, and supporter of charities such as the American Cancer Society.

His education includes a BA History from Indiana University Bloomington, a Law degree and Masters in Communications from Syracuse University, and has a completed a leadership program at the Harvard Business School. Jason has held roles in Communications and Investor Relations at RightNow, Hewlett Packard, American Heart Foundation, Blockbuster and ReachLegal. As an entrepreneur he co-founded Visual Arts Reimagined and company culture expert at Unstoppable workplaces.

Jason talks about:

  • Why the Dallas Cowboys and Mavericks are the heart and soul of the city.
  • Self awareness is paramount for you to prevent sabotaging your success.
  • The catalyst that led to focusing on company culture and leadership growth.
  • We all have fears and fears control us.
  • Why so many talented and productive teams struggle.
  • Building trust for transformation.
  • How successful leaders build psychological safety.
  • How people can identify their blindspots and use them to their advantage.
  • Your brain is wired for survival, it is wired to keep us safe.
  • Leadership skills that set the worlds most influential leaders apart from good leaders.
  • You have to be humble, because you cant be right all the time.
  • The three secrets to speeding up the relationship building process.
  • As you scale its always a challenge as you have to let go of parts of the business.
  • The most important ingredients in being a high performing leader.
  • How do you bring people together and make them feel connected and belonging

Active CEO Performance Tip

Leadership Overwhelm – As a leader, have you ever felt completely overcome in mind or emotion, where you feel a stress or combination of stressors are too big for you to manage? This is the feeling of overwhelm. Everyone experiences some level of overwhelm and the important thing to remember, is that it is all manageable. Rather than fighting your feelings of overwhelm you can accept that anxiety is like riding a wave and it will be easier; learn to turn overwhelming thoughts into helpful thoughts; shift your thoughts from having to complete everything right now to focusing on one thing at a time; identify what you need to be present with right now; take a deep breath to relax the body; and most importantly engage in an action that you enjoy before rushing into solve the trigger of overwhelm. Start taking control of your overwhelm today.


“To build psychological safety, admit your own failings and vulnerabilities and things that you are not good at. Thank people, stay open to try and do other things, doing risks and things differently, have the tough conversations and get to the core of the issue.” Jason Treu talks about the importance of psychological safety for building trust, on the active CEO Podcast.

“Before you can start to move things forward, you must have high level of trust.” Building trust with Jason Treu, on the active CEO Podcast.

Resources Mentioned in this show:

Jason Treu:
Cards Against Mundanity
Executive Breakthroughs Podcast
Jason Treu Facebook
Jason Treu YouTube
Jason Treu Instagram
Jason Treu Twitter
Craig Johns
Craig Johns LinkedIn

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active CEO Podcast 76 Paul Veric The Peaceful Warrior CEO

active CEO Podcast #76 Paul Veric The Peaceful Warrior CEO

active CEO Podcast 76 Paul Veric The Peaceful Warrior CEO
Paul Veric – Director BTE Consulting Ltd

On this episode of the active CEO Podcast, Craig Johns speaks with Paul Veric about being a Peaceful Warrior CEO, lessons learnt as a transformational CEO, allowing children to build their own resilience, speaking to students about suicide and love, and the responsibility of protecting communities.

We also talk about being Head Boy and Headmaster of New Plymouth Boys High School, why Surf Lifesaving is such an effective platform for developing future leaders, growing up in Taranaki in New Zealand, and what it took to be a New Zealand Kayak and Surf Lifesaving champion.

Paul Veric – The Peaceful Warrior CEO

Paul is a transformational leader, who is intuitive, professional and highly engaging. His talents go beyond the business world into community organisations such as, surf lifesaving, education and regional health, as well as being a national champion surf lifesaver and kayaker. He is a Peaceful Warrior, personable influencer, proud father of two sons and active CEO who you will regularly find recharging on a skateboard, surfboard, MTB or in the pool.

Studying at the University of Waikato, he has a Diploma of Teaching, Bachelor of Education and Bachelor of Leisure Studies, Health and PE. Paul’s early career began as a teacher and then managerial roles at Surf Lifesaving New Zealand, Howard Wright Ltd and Gen-I/ Spark Digital. As a natural leader he has assumed CEO roles at Sport Eastland, Swimming NZ and Taranaki Rugby Football Union, as well as recently being the Headmaster of New Plymouth Boys High School. As a proud servant to the community, he has held Director and Board roles at the Taranaki District Health Board, Kaitake Community Board, Oakura School, NZ Academy of Sport and Surf Lifesaving Wellington.

Paul talks about:

  • Overcoming the shock of being announced as Head Boy & a fear of public speaking.
  • Why Tom Ryder had a profound influence in shaping him as a leader.
  • The New Plymouth Boys High School Haka, being truly world class.
  • Managing the huge passion involved in sport.
  • His leadership style & why it is suited to transformational change.
  • Being told that you can’t do it, then I will go out & prove them wrong.
  • Making mistakes in staff management & managing employees.
  • Creating simplicity as organisations try to be too clever & complex.
  • Responsibility of protecting the community in an environment that deserves so much respect.
  • Becoming headmaster of New Plymouth Boys High School.
  • What skills are you looking for? What skills do you want for the next five years.
  • Having the best seat in the house to observe everything that is wonderful about young people.
  • Why society protects our children too much.
  • Grave concerns for the mental health for young New Zealanders.
  • Perceived as being quite tough & uncompromising around standards.
  • Parents having real conversations with their boys about mental health.
  • Being a Peaceful Warrior CEO
  • Representing New Zealand, & winning national surf lifesaving & kayak titles.
  • Physical activity is a big stress release for me, as It is one place that you don’t have a phone.

Active CEO Performance Tip

CEO Preparedness – People make acquisitions because they like and trust the person or people they are speaking or planning to working with. Therefore the content and performance preparation, for a meeting or interaction, is an absolute must. Have you thought about how much time do you spend preparing for an interaction with a person or group of people, in regards to what you need to say to achieve the desired outcome, mood you want to set, focus needed and the way you need to use both verbal and non-verbal communication to achieve the result you are aiming for?


“How do I get across to these kids that they are actually cared about, we do take an interest in them and deeper than that, their life is worth something and worth something to us.” The why behind Paul Veric speaking to students about suicide and love, on the active CEO Podcast.

“I perhaps didn’t really get the scale of what I signed into until I arrived. Because I was naïve and didn’t really do my research into some of the things I was getting myself into.” Overcoming challenges in new CEO roles with Paul Veric, on the active CEO Podcast.

“I try hard as a parent I try to not rush in and solve my kid’s daily struggles with life and friends. Taking your hands actually off the steering wheel and letting them be kids and figure things out for themselves.” Paul Veric speaks about allowing children to build their own reslience, on the active CEO Podcast.

Resources Mentioned in this show:

Paul Veric LinkedIn
Paul Veric Facebook
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active CEO Coaching
Craig Johns Keynote Speaker
Craig Johns
Craig Johns LinkedIn

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Kate Palmer (Sport Australia) – Changing the Game

active CEO Podcast #12 Kate Palmer Changing the Game

On this episode of the Sportspeople Recruitment active CEO Podcast, Craig Johns and Ben Gathercole talk with Kate Palmer about finding her dream job, where she combines her passion for sport, and desire to improve the health and wellbeing of a nation. We delve into her role of leading and catalysing the Australian sport industry to encourage more Australians to become more active, and shape the future of elite and grassroots sport.

We also discuss topics such as transformational change, reducing layers of compliance, the future of sport business structures, the new ‘move it’ campaign, and how she implements health and wellness into the team at Sport Australia.

Kate Palmer

Kate is one of the leading female CEO’s in the global sport industry. In January 2017, Kate took the reigns of the Australian Sports Commission, which has since been rebranded Sport Australia. She has a successful record in leading transformational organisation change, instilling good governance and providing excellent people management at organisations such as Netball Victoria and Netball Australia.

Growing up in regional Victoria, Australia in the town of Shepparton, Kate fell in love with sport playing netball, softball and was a keen waterskier. She studied a Honours Degree in Applied Science at Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology and a Masters of Sport Management at Deakin University. In 2014, Kate was awarded the AIS Sports Performance Leadership Award. Her passion for sport extends to governance roles at the Australian Commonwealth Games Association, Victoria Institute of Sport, Australian Sports Anti-Doping Authority, International Netball Federation and the Melbourne Cricket Ground.

Known for her ability to engage a diverse audience, she values having different voices and opinions at the table. She knows that to influence a system you need to get inside it, be reasonable and don’t give up. As a leader she believes in working with people in a team, showing them a vision for the future and being truly authentic.

Kate talks about:

  • Her memories of sport as a young child.
  • Growing up in rural Victoria, in Shepparton.
  • The benefits of meetings in motion and walking meetings.
  • Sport providing the health of local communities.
  • Ensuring young children learn the basic movement fundamentals.
  • What inspired her to become a sport administrator.
  • Taking the reigns as CEO of Sport Australia.
  • Transitioning from being a CEO of employees to leading a whole industry.
  • The relationship between the Minister of Sport, the Office of Sport and Sport Australia.
  • Reducing layers of compliance and keeping it simple.
  • Why it is important for sport organisations to consider and adapt to new business models in the future.
  • Ensuring sport organisations have the structures and capability to be sustainable in the future.
  • Health and wellness of athletes, and how they transition into the ‘real world’ after life in sport.
  • Changing the lives of people with intellectual and physical disabilities.
  • Can we look at different ways of working in the sport industry as an administrator, coach or high performance management.
  • The significance of the ‘move it’ and ‘find our 30’ campaigns.
  • Changing the balance and ensuring that she reads, exercises and eats a healthy breakfast.
  • The Hugh Palmer scholarship and the “corporate handbag”.

Active CEO Wellness Tip

Ben and I talk about the importance of self-regulation and why it is such an important element of emotional intelligence. We talk about being aware of your emotions, how to manage and express them at the right time. Self-regulation is also about the ability to remain calm, consider all the possibilities and have a clear head.


“I am quite a practical person, pragmatic, and I can see things, I like to change things, and I like to fix things.” Gaining an insight into Kate Palmer, the CEO of Sport Australia, on the active CEO Podcast.

“Take responsibility and make a decision. If you fail or if you make a mistake we fix it, we will fix it together.” Kate Palmer on giving responsibility to employees, on the active CEO Podcast.

“I don’t think sports can look at us and say, you give us 80 to 90% of our revenue, and that’s a lot of money, but we are not prepared to improve our business.” Kate Palmer on investing in sport for the future, with the active CEO Podcast.


Resources Mentioned in this show:

Kate Palmer LinkedIn
Sport Australia
Find Your 30 website
Netball Australia
Netball Victoria
Australian Commonwealth Games Association website
Victoria Institute of Sport
International Netball Federation website
Melbourne Cricket Ground website
Deakin University
RMIT University
Sportspeople Recruitment
Craig Johns LinkedIn
Ben Gathercole LinkedIn
Ben Gathercole Performance Coaching

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