active CEO Podcast #80 Jonathan Rake Launchpad To Go Beyond Borders

active CEO Podcast #80 Jonathan Rake Launchpad To Go Beyond Borders

active CEO Podcast #80 Jonathan Rake Launchpad To Go Beyond Borders
Jonathan Rake – CEO Swiss Re Asia Pacific

On this episode of the active CEO Podcast, Craig Johns speaks with Jonathan Rake, about his Launchpad to go beyond borders, the World Economic Forum shaping your thinking as a leader, leaders are hired to make judgement calls and performance leadership as CEO at Swiss Re Asia Pacific.

We also delve into the global water crisis, running marathons with Mina Guli the CEO of Thirst, the importance of balancing ones mind, protecting the asset, and amazing human beings doing incredible things.

Jonathan Rake – Launchpad To Go Beyond Borders

Jonathan is a World Economic Forum Young Global Leader and Advisory Board member, a passionate leader who is dedicated to CSR and community initiatives, and is involved in a project called Global Ledger. Jonathan is a phenomenal global leader, who loves running and has a deep passion for solving the global water crisis.

He studied a Bachelor Commerce Economics, Accountancy, Business and Law from Stellenbosch University. His career has involved working at ABN Amro Bank; and roles in Corporate Business, Business Development and Country CEO of Singapore at Zurich Financial Services. In 2016 he joined Swiss Re as their CEO of Singapore and in 2017 became the CEO of Asia Pacific.

Jonathan talks about:

  • Nelson Mandela’s influence during the transition from Apartheid.
  • His Launchpad to go beyond borders.
  • Culture difference between Zurich Financial Services & ABN Amro Bank.
  • Why judgement is super critical in a CEO and leadership role.
  • Swiss Re focus on clients, but also making the world more resilient.
  • Mitigating all the trends that are disrupting lives and industries.
  • Why the global water crisis is the world’s greatest risk in the future.
  • Chasing the goal, fighting hard & taking yourself into a difficult place.
  • You can’t stay in your peak performance state of mind all the time.
  • Stop take 3 breaths, step away & realise how good you have it.
  • Calming down & getting some rest & starting the day with exercise.
  • Learning that you must not pile your passions into one area.
  • We should be judged by not what we create, but what we leave behind.

Active CEO Performance Tip

To Diet or Not To Diet – People are often looking for the quick fix, when it comes to food. Many people jump on the bandwagon of the thousands of fad-style, celebrity endorsed and marketing designed diets, which have no research into the long-term effects on the body, mind and soul. Science compared every diet and the winner is real food. The only diet that has been implemented and remains over a long period of time is that established 10,000’s of years ago. It is a predominantly plant-based diet with no processed foods and only included the occasional meat when they were quick enough to catch it. Those living by the sea would catch fish and seafood. Why would you incorporate the middle-person in the diet, so to speak, when you can go straight to the source an eat it. What do I mean by this? Land animals generally eat plant-based diets including fruit, vegetables and grains, which are the stable of all nutritious diets. So why do we need to eat red meat, when it is just the by-product of the plant based foods we need anyway? What diet should you eat?


“You are only doing long-term damage if you are running on the edge and stress is building and you are not taking care of yourself. ” Discussing stress and recovery with Jonathan Rake, on the active CEO Podcast.

“When you are travelling and out of your normal environment you don’t get into your level 3 and 4 deep sleep where you are doing the body repair than helps us function. You need to be alert and aware in your environment.” Travel and sleep dysfunction with Jonathan Rake on the active CEO Podcast.

Resources Mentioned in this show:

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Jonathan Rake World Economic Forum
World Economic Forum
Swiss Re
Craig Johns
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active CEO Lessons 2019 #10 You are the product of your environment

active CEO Lessons 2019

To close out another decade, we are providing ten active CEO lessons that you all can learn from. Take some time to read, digest and reflect on how you can use each lesson to support your growth as a person and leader in 2020. It’s time to countdown the top 10 active CEO Lessons 2019.

#10 You are the product of your environment

Your ability to perform is determined by the people you interact with, place you play in and pressure you apply. Are the things in your environment helping or hindering your progress?

#9 Tune out your critic & trust your instinct

Our inner voice can be our greatest influence. Believe in yourself and back it 100%. There will always be voices, trust the one deepest inside of you. How will you tune out the critic in 2020?

#8 The more you give the more you get

Spend time helping, sharing, teaching and giving to people, and you will be rewarded. As Zig Ziglar said, “You will get all you want in life if you help other people get what they want.” If someone does something for you, you will naturally want to do something for them. What value or wisdom will you share in 2020?

#7 Spend quality time with family

It can be easy to become consumed in your work, passions and lifestyle, while taking family for granted. They are your greatest supporters and will always be there during the challenging times. You have a responsibility to guide, nurture and be a role model for the next generations. What are you doing for your family today?

#6 Character before charisma

The truth of your character is expressed by the choice of your actions. Make sure your influence doesn’t grow wider than your character goes deep. How will you develop your character in 2020?

#5 Successful people are curious

The greatest problems provide the greatest business opportunities. The most common trait from the CEO’s and Leaders who are guests on the active CEO Podcast is their curiosity. As Tony Robbins said “successful people ask better questions and as a result get better answers”. Why not be more curious in 2020?

#4 Everyone needs a coach

Your truth, ideas and behaviors are only as good as the lens you are looking through. Having someone you can trust who can ask you the tough questions that enable clarity, focus, confidence and provide accountability is crucial and valuable if you want to achieve the success you desire. A great coach can help shape ideas, provide perspective and challenge you to think differently. “If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you.” Who is going to be in your corner and be the coach you need in 2020?

#3 Courage & vulnerability are inclusive

In the past vulnerability maybe seen as a weakness, when in fact it is actually a strength. We grow through adversity, changing our environment and challenging the status quo. Without vulnerability we cannot be courageous and without courage we cannot find the strength to speak up and be vulnerable. It is ok to say you don’t have an answer, that you were wrong, are feeling a lack in confidence and that other peoples answers are better. Having vulnerable discussions helps to build psychological safety within your team or between stakeholders. Vulnerability cultivates trust and respect from others, while creating the space for others to speak up about problems, issues or feelings they have. It fosters discussion about key problems and allows people with different perspectives to provide solutions that may not have surfaced before. How will you let your guard down, put your ego to the side and create a space for vulnerability and courage to flourish in your work environment?

#2 Unlock your limiting beliefs

We all have beliefs that hold us back from realizing our true potential. They are subconscious and usually have developed from negative moments, environments, fears, excuses or messages as a child. It could be that you don’t have enough money, are too old; don’t have enough experience, you can’t take a risk because you will fail, someone else is better suited or you just don’t have the talent. The strongest limiting belief I uncovered this year was – a fear of finishing second best. Now i have never been consciously aware of it, but now that I am aware I can easily identify the root causes and the actions that occurred as a result. The reason I found it was through speaking. I have no problem speaking in front of thousands of people and people I have never met, but I found that when I was public speaking in front of people who I respected or felt where better in the field I was speaking in I would go blank and sometimes not even be able to say anything. Through identifying the root cause and putting new belief statements and actions in place I now can deliver with confidence and certainty in front of any audience. Thanks to my coaches who used NLP strategies to unlock my limiting belief. Who will you unlock your limiting beliefs in 2020?

#1 Proximity is power

The people you spend the most time with will have the greatest influence on who you will become. If you want to step it up in 2020 and achieve your dreams and goals faster, then you need to surround yourself with people who play a bigger game than you are currently in. The proximity you keep is very powerful. They must challenge you, keep you accountable and provide the shortest path to your desired destination. Their knowledge, experience and network can have a profound effect on your growth. In 2019 Speakers Institute provided me with the proximity I needed to turn my purpose into reality. The diversity of insights, failures, successes and life experiences is phenomenal. I know that this proximity will take active CEO and Breaking The CEO Code to a whole nuther level in 2020 and beyond. I also have other people in my proximity who shape and accelerate me in other areas I want and need to develop to have the impact on the world that I am FOCUSed on. What proximity will you create in 2020?

What lessons have you learnt from 2019 that will help you create your 2020 VISION?

If you need someone on your side to help you provide clarity and certainty, then contact Craig Johns at or click on the contact page of the website.

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