active CEO Podcast #140 Dr Amir Rashidian The Stressproof Life

Dr Amir Rashidian The STressproof Life active CEO Podcast

On this episode of the active CEO Podcast, Craig Johns speaks with Dr Amir Rashidan about The Stressproof  Life, early signs of compounding stress, why living homeless was scarier than living in Iran during the war, and how dyslexia taught him to think in auditory.

We also delve into the success dilemma, the four stages of stress, the power of chiropractic in treating young children in distress, and if you look for it, you will find it.

Dr Amir Rashidan – The Stressproof Life

Dr Amir Rashidan is the author of The StressProof Life, chiropractor business owner, advocate for drugless health solutions and promotes health is your birth right. A remarkable man, Amir serves on the Board of Habitat For Humanity, has survived growing up in a war torn country and overcoming financial crisis, and enjoys quality time with his wife Brandi and three beautiful children.

He has a BSc. Chemistry from The George Washington University, BSc. Human Biology from the National University of Health Sciences and Doctorate of Chiropractic from the National University of Health Sciences. His career has included Chiropractor roles at Injury Center of America, Woodbine Chiropractic and has owned the Mid-Atlantic Clinic of Chiropractic, since 2006

Amir talks about:

  • Growing up in the Iran Revolution and hearing the high pitch whistle of a bomb.
  • Scariest moment was moving to USA with $500 and being homeless.
  • You are not doing it for you; you are doing it for them.
  • What can governments do to reduce homelessness.
  • Deciding to become a chiropractor.
  • Choosing to believe that the human body can do amazing things.
  • How aligning his newborn son’s spine saved his life.
  • Your health is dependent on how much it can handle stress.
  • The Stressproof life.
  • Stress is a force that causes change in your life.
  • If overtired and not sleeping it is telling you something
  • Take care of your body, it is the only one you are going to get


“Your body knows what to do in every circumstance. In the right environment it can react and respond to the stress in your life properly, and increase your chance of survival and in fact you can thrive.” Dr Amir Rashidian talks about how stress increases your chance of survival, on the active CEO Podcast.

“7 years old and you are in this dark place, the bombs are dropping and you are scared. You look to the person you depend on the most, and this person was dad.” The power of  positivity with Dr Amir Rashidian, on the active CEO Podcast.

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