How To Be A High Performing Leader In 2020

From CEO to High Performing leader in 2020 active CEO Breaking The CEO Code
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How did you feel at the end of 2019? Were you energized, excited and fulfilled with your year or did you feel tired, exhausted and disappointed with what you achieved? How do you want to feel at the end of 2020?

Being a CEO or leader requires a lot of passion, dedication, hard work and focus on other people. Burnout, stress, overwhelm and mistakes occur when you don’t effectively plan your energy and recovery; manage the workload of your team; and focus your full attention on other people while neglecting your own performance.

To ensure that you perform optimally and deliver the best possible experience for your customers, clients, suppliers, stakeholders, Board members and your team of people, it is crucial that you develop the skills, routines and habits required to be a high performing leader. 

We developed Breaking The CEO Code to provide you with a simple and practical way to improve your performance, productivity and wellbeing so you can perform better while under the pressure of delivering the best possible services, products, partnerships and environment.

active CEO Breaking The CEO Code

There are 6 key phases to Breaking The CEO Code, which are building blocks layered to ensure that you progressively improve as a high performing leader:

  1. Phase one is FOUNDATION, where we provide the 4 Fundamentals of Human Performance that are non-negotiable’s required to reach your potential in any field.
  2. The second phase expands PERFORMANCE with the 3 P’s of Leadership Performance to successfully manage your performance oscillations, improve your presence as a leader and develop high performance habits that matter.
  3. Phase three is focused on developing your own INFLUENCE, through 8 Ways to Own Your OWN Influence.
  4. LEADERSHIP is the fourth phase where we show you the Principles to be a World Class Leader.
  5. The fifth phase is all about your TEAM as we teach you the key Elements of Leading High Performing Teams.
  6. For those who are passionate about going above and beyond with a greater purpose, we developed the sixth phase, called LEGACY, which is unlocking 1 Powerful Way to Leave Your Mark on the World.

Breaking The CEO Code is not just for the CEO’s, leaders and entrepreneurs of the world. It is applicable to anyone, as you are the CEO of your own performance and influence on others, and play an important role in making the world you live in, a better place.

Each week during 2020, we will decode a section of Breaking The CEO Code and present it to you in an article with examples and case studies to support your growth as a high performing leader.

In the meantime, please take the time to read the Breaking The CEO Code whitepaper. Click the download button:

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