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PASSION Influence From The Heart

Be the calming influence and emotional epicenter for the people you work with. When it comes from your heart you are genuinely authentic in the way you lead.

Influence from the heart means you show the way with a shared vision, encourage involvement and action and reach deep into the hearts and souls of your Team members.

You share warmth and interest in their wellbeing, help people who face a challenge, keep your commitments, and take the time, epspecially when you don’t have it, to listen.

Treat others time as though it is yours. Serve others interests before yours. Be passionate about their growth, development and career

A leader needs to have a high level of transparency and vulnerability and demonstrate humility and authenticity. Hold true to your values and the vision in times of uncertainty.

Influence from the heart by cultivating calmness and inspiring more trust through breathe control, admitting that you are in uncharted territory and take considered responses.

Make decisions based off evidence rather than emotion. Listen and learn what motivates others, what concerns them, and how they view themselves, their work, and the organization.

Listening actively builds trust, which leads to increased confidence, satisfaction, productivity, collaboration, and ultimately engagement.

An authentic and genuine leader has honest relationships, values input, and holds high ethical behaviours. They are positive, place mission before self-interest, open about their mistakes and weaknesses, and cultivate excellence through self-discipline.

A passionate leader has full belief, clarity of vision, understands people, is fueled by positive energy and is highly resourceful. They belief in their work, anticipate rather than react, and have an eagerness in their work and way they lead.

How will you effectively influence from the heart?

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