active CEO Podcast #114 Paul Dunn Moments That Change Lives

active CEO Podcast #114 Paul Dunn Moments That Change Lives

On this episode of the active CEO Podcast, Craig Johns speaks with Paul Dunn about moments that change lives, how the simple idea B1G1 has led to 209 million giving impacts, Hewlett Packard’s influence had on his life, and why you need to understand value.

We also talk about people wanting to be led during COVID-19, increasing the level of belonging, what he learnt from Simon Sinek, and why Satya Nadella’s letter to Microsoft employees the day he was appointed as CEO has left an impression on Paul.

Paul Dunn – Moments That Change Lives

Paul Dunn is a very unique entrepreneur and evangelist who is truly contagious with his electric energy, passion for helping others and unique perspective on the world. He is a 4x TEDx Speaker, has a Global Lifetime Achievement Award for Service to the Accounting Profession and amazes audiences all around the world with his Unleashing the Huge Power of Small.

A commitment to serving is evident in the incredible impact B1G1 has provided so many people around the world, with over 209 Million giving impacts. His career has included being the Marketing Director of Hartley, before founding The Results Corporation, Results Accountants Systems, Renew, ResultsNet Australia and most recently B1G1. Paul’s programs, insights and strategies have been used by more that 226,000 companies worldwide.

Paul talks about:

  • The power of small.
  • Not being afraid of failing as its all part of the journey.
  • Simon Sinek talking about “Differentiation comes from clarity of why”.
  • We are the product of the moments in our life.
  • Leadership is about how many leaders you create.
  • Moments that change lives.
  • How much value are you offering?
  • People exiting corporate and asking “Is that all there is?”
  • Why you should fall in love with the results you are bringing other people.
  • Best things you can say no to is the customers you don’t want.
  • Clarity – Cut through – Curious – Connection – Belonging
  • The power of any idea is only in its implementation.
  • The human need to belong.
  • Mentoring Masami Sato to B1G1.
  • Why his tombstone will read “He made a real difference whilst he was here”

Active CEO Performance Tip

People Want To Be Led – There has been an increase in focus on collaborative leadership in recent times. When COVID-19 took hold of the world, the most successful and effective leaders went into an authoritative leadership style. Why is this? The majority of people in the world seek to be led rather than lead when overwhelm and uncertainty consumed us. Human beings natural default is comfort and went on high alert for someone to assure them. The successful leaders during COVID-19 responded quickly, made a decision (rightly or wrongly) and provided a clear direction, which gave people hope, a level of certainty and they knew someone cared. The reason the leaders could thrive in an Authoritative Leadership mode was because they had already build up a certain level of trust and loyalty with their people, which is likely to have included aspects of collaborative leadership. 


“Purpose driven leaders are consistently at their best no matter what gets thrown at them.” Paul Dunn on leadership, on the active CEO Podcast.

“Having a giving spirit, you shift the experience of the organisation.” Why leaders went into giving mode during COVID-19 with Paul Dunn, on the active CEO Podcast.

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