Inspiring Great Leaders Podcast #207 Vanitha Choudhari Leadership Emotional Intelligence

Inspiring Great Leaders Podcast #207 Vanitha Choudhari Leadership Emotional Intelligence

Leadership Emotional Intelligence

On this episode of the Inspiring Great Leaders Podcast, Craig Johns speaks with Vanitha Choudhari about the importance of Leadership Emotional Intelligence, lessons learnt working at HSBC and connection in the workplace. 

We also dive deeper into the changes we experienced in the way we work throughout the years, the art of letting go, triple A awareness and how self-awareness helps us in becoming great leaders. 

Vanitha Choudhari  – Leadership Emotional Intelligence

Vanitha Choudhari is a leadership and behaviour change expert, the founder of Radical Edge Learning Consultants, and a Speakers Institute Corporate facilitator. With over 28 years of corporate and entrepreneurial experience, her influence spans continents, with her work celebrated not only in her home country, India but across many Asian nations and the UK.

She is the visionary behind GEMinU and a certified expert in personality assessments like Hogan and Genos Emotional Intelligence making her one of India’s first Genos-certified Emotional Intelligence Practitioners.. She is also a Business Mentor at Cherie Blair Foundation for Women (UK) and has been awarded the “Best Trainer” in APAC while working for HSBC.

Vanitha talks about:

  • Her parents’ influence on the way she works 
  • Being restless
  • Leadership Emotional Intelligence
  • How emotional intelligence affects the work you do
  • How technology contributed to leadership changing and evolving
  • COVID’s effect on the way we work now
  • The important skills people can utilize in order to stay connected to people
  • The boundaries between connecting to people to becoming too personal
  • The triple-A framework
  • Trust and acknowledgement
  • Can self-awareness prevent us from being totally present?
  • Responding vs. reacting
  • How to be grounded quickly and not be overwhelmed by any situation
  • The art of letting go


“One of the biggest jobs of a leader is to inspire others. And if that’s not happening, then I don’t even think they should be qualifying as leaders because then you’re just a manager doing your transactional job and getting things done.” Vanitha Choudhari talks about being an inspiring leader on the Inspiring Great Leaders Podcast.

“Being aware of your emotion is not being emotional.” Emotional intelligence with Vanitha Choudhari on the Inspiring Great Leaders Podcast.

“When you are highly self-aware, you learn the technique of not reacting, but responding very, very, very well, especially being a leader.” Vanitha Choudhari speaks about self-awareness on the Inspiring Great Leaders Podcast.

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