active CEO Podcast #116 David Lindsay Knocked Down Snap Into Action

active CEO Podcast #116 David Lindsay Knocked Down Snap Into Action

On this episode of the active CEO Podcast, Craig Johns speaks with David Lindsay about Getting Knocked Down Snap Into Action, 5 Steps Towards Improved Vitality in the Workplace, transforming people’s lives through Speakers Institute, overcoming adversity and a passion for coaching.

We also delve into creating a mindset shift, resilience of being a professional athlete, leaders step up in crisis and “when I do it I don’t buy drinks”!

David Lindsay – Knocked Down Snap Into Action

David Lindsay is a former cage fighter, creates mindset shifts from ‘boss’ to ‘coach’, and is a keynote speaker on improving workplace vitality. He is a family man from Sydney who taking things to extremes by pushing his body to its limits, is a proud supporter of Fighters Against Child Abuse Australia, and once broke his arm in a professional arm wrestling competition in the USA

David has a Diploma in Fitness, Health & Physical Education/Fitness from Fitness Institute Australia and has been trained by the Speakers Institute. His 5 steps towards improved vitality SNAP, NAP, TAP, CLAP and RECAP have been developed over years and years of trials and tribulations working in sport, fitness and business.

David talks about:

  • Preparing for his first professional boxing fight.
  • Transforming lives with Speakers Institute.
  • Mindset approach on COVID-19
  • When tough situations come out that’s when the cream rises to the top.
  • Playing Rugby League for South Sydney Rabbitohs rather than Cronulla.
  • Overcoming the setback of snapping his arm while Arm Wrestling.
  • In the real world, no one is going to let you win
  • There is nowhere to hide in the world.  Be ready!
  • When COVID-19 first hit, I didn’t know what to do, short term it was uncomfortable.
  • Snap Into Action
  • When the rock starts to sink the true leaders step up.
  • How a wrestling coach inspired him to become a coach
  • Leadership approach of being tough but fair
  • Creating rituals to snap into action
  • Nap, knowing how and when to step away from work
  • Tap and evolve
  • Clap and celebrate with those around you.
  • Recap through continuous never ending improvement in everything you do.
  • I don’t want to live with regrets, so just do it

Active CEO Performance Tip

“With great power comes great responsibility” – As Spiderman once said, while sharing his wisdom. As a leader you not only have a responsibility for yourself, your family and your people, but also for the industry you work in and humankind. We are not leaders if we shy away from inappropriate behaviour and negative decisions. We have a responsibility to ensure that the industry we work in grows in a positive manner as the actions of the negative few can have a harmful effect on everyone. Ask yourself the question, is these actions and behaviour moving the industry forward or taking it backwards? What is the consequence to human beings as a result of these actions and behaviours? How responsible are you as a leader?


“Good captains, they don’t go down with the ship, they manage to fix it and sail it into port.” People want to be led with David Lindsay, on the active CEO Podcast.

“You can’t change what you are but you can change what you become.“ David Lindsay talking about making choices, on the active CEO Podcast.

“Need that element of fear if that I don’t perform my position will be taken from me.” Taking yourself out of your comfort zone with David Lindsay, on the active CEO Podcast.

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