active CEO Podcast #96 Christian Boucousis Leading Out Of The Danger Zone

active CEO Podcast #96 Christian Boucousis Leading Out Of The Danger Zone

active CEO Podcast #96 Christian Boucousis Leading Out Of The Danger Zone
Christian Boucousis – High Performance Coach and Speaker

On this episode of the active CEO Podcast, Craig Johns speaks with Christian Boucousis about Leading Out Of The Danger Zone, fighter pilot emotions, the Afterburner FLEX flawless execution method, and  how leaders can execute like a fighter pilot.

We also deep dive into high performing teams, why the debrief is more important than the mission, optimising the peak stress curve and why people aren’t the best versions of ourselves.

Christian Boucousis – Leading Out Of The Danger Zone

Christian Boucousis is a high performing leader, who was born to fly fighter jets, thrives on highly complex and demanding environments, and is the co-author of “On Time On Target”. He is a high achiever who focuses on flawless execution, successfully transferred high-level skills of flying at over 1500km/hr to the business world and is a thriving entrepreneur.

His career started as a fighter pilot for the Royal Australian Air Force; before founding the Christian Thomas Group, which provides humanitarian support to developing nations; and directing W E Johns & sons. His current roles include founder and CEO of Mode Developments property company, Publisher of Australian Aviation, and High Performance Coach & Speaker of Afterburner Australia and New Zealand.

Christian talks about:

  • A lifetime obsession with being a fighter pilot.
  • Why a fighter pilot execution rate is about 98%
  • A high performing team is about individual accountability
  • How to get into a battle “execution” rhythm.
  • Situational awareness is the clarity that allows you to make better decisions.
  • Using the Uder loop from the top gun academy.
  • Maneuvering ourselves into another position to take advantage of it
  • Utilizing the peak stress curve to optimize performance.
  • Plan – Brief – Execute – Debrief
  • Leading out of the danger zone.
  • Why fighter pilots are the most emotionless robots on the planet.
  • Preventing burnout and stress as a fighter pilot.
  • The huge potential of the debrief for teams and organisations
  • Taking accountability for our own actions while leading teams.
  • Why humans as highly complex individuals and go off on a tangent.
  • You are always investigating, you are doing your analysis on the run.
  • Analysis and decision making is in perpetual motion
  • Why people spend little time debriefing a goal and the 3 simple questions of a debrief
  • What’s one thing you can say that can enable hundreds of people to do their job?
  • The habits and routines he does every day that allow him to execute flawlessly

Active CEO Performance Tip

Create A Ripple Effect With PURPOSE – Have you become too focused on yourself and you don’t feel fulfilled. Focus on something bigger than just yourself. Determine what your companies or your own real purpose is in life. Your why or your companies why? What work can you do to serve that purpose and leave a positive mark or dent on the world? 3 questions to ask yourself – 1. What makes you come alive? 2. What are your innate strengths? 3. Where do you add greatest value? NOW IF YOU ARE STILL STRUGGLING TO IDENTIFY YOUR WHY here are 3 more questions to ask yourself: 1. What do people come to ask for help on and thank you for? 2. What would do you love doing that you would do everyday without a paycheck? 3. If you found out that you only had one year left, what would you imagine yourself doing? Its time for you to do some self reflection and find clarity on your why!


“80% of what we did is mapped out, whereas the 20% we had to make decisions, we were able to do that, because the basics were all looked after.” The precision of a fighter pilot with Christian Boucousis, on the active CEO Podcast.

“Everyday we don’t come together as a team, we are diverging away from that goal.” Christian Boucousis talks about team alignment, on the active CEO Podcast.

Resources Mentioned in this show:

Christian Boucousis LinkedIn
Christian Boucousis Facebook
Christian Boucousis Twitter
Craig Johns
Craig Johns
Craig Johns LinkedIn

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active CEO Podcast Andrew Barnes 4 Day Week

active CEO Podcast #58 Andrew Barnes 4 Day Week

active CEO Podcast Andrew Barnes 4 Day Week
Andrew Barnes – Founder 4 Day Week

On this episode of the active CEO Podcast, Craig Johns speaks with Andrew Barnes about Perpetual Guardian’s 4 Day Week, changing the way people work, improving the wellbeing and productivity of businesses, and the fourth industrial revolution. We also speak about global financial crisis, customer service, empowered workforces and the more important benefits of the 4 Day Week.

Andrew Barnes – 4 Day Week

Andrew Barnes is an incredible leader who is an innovator, entrepreneur, philanthropist and absolute human resource disrupter. He is the catalyst behind the 4 day week, saved the historic 1904 built classic racing yacht Ariki, and proud host of the 3 day weekend.

Andrew completed a MA in Law and archaeology at the University of Cambridge, attended the Harvard Business School’s Program for Management Development and is an Associate of the Chartered Institute of Bankers (UK).

His financial services career commenced in the UK before holding senior executive roles at Macquarie Bank, Citi, Tower, County NatWest and was Chairman at Australasian Wealth Investments.

Our special guest then became a director of Bestinvest, acquired and purchased Perpetual Trust, founded Complectus and made the game-changing move of creating Perpetual Guardian. He is currently the Chairman of Regional; Facilities Auckland, Paysauce and Perpetual Trust.

Andrew talks about:

  • Thinking carefully about what our industry is going to look like in years to come.
  • A simultaneous arrest of eleven ships spread across the globe,
  • Why an arts background allowed him to look at it from a different shape and pattern.
  • The cultural adjustment to Australia after the 1987 stock market crash.
  • Two core lessons in finance that create repeated financial crisis.
  • Why the military is still one of the best leadership schools.
  • How his time at Citi was the point where his leadership evolved.
  • People are only productive two and a half hours a day.
  • Productivity and profitability improving after the eight week trial of the 4 Day Week.
  • Lots of scepticism not only at the Board level but also at the leadership level of the company.
  • The 100-80-100 rule.
  • How the Perpetual Guardian staff were empowered to design the 4 Day Week
  • Ensuring that customer service standards did not drop.
  • New Zealand society’s response to the 4 Day Week.
  • People want to work for an innovative business that’s trying different things.
  • The stress and mental health epidemic sweeping the workforce across the world.
  • We are setting up a couple of foundations whose purpose is to fund research.
  • Creating a network of consultants around the world to deliver the 4 Day Week.
  • Why the hell the work practices are the right way, had asked the question why?
  • My peak point of creativity is usually after a point of high stress

Active CEO Performance Tip

Leaders Develop Leaders – Leaders don’t just lead people, they develop leaders. Learning how to recognize and most importantly develop potential and emerging leaders is important for the growth and succession of a company, organization group or team. Being able to identify behaviors, attitudes and habits are more important than job-related skills when it comes to leadership. Facilitating growth, supporting leadership behaviours and providing challenges to enhance your people’s skills should be your number one priority and people buy people not products.


“I didn’t think the 4 day week was high risk, but if you are sitting where somebody else is it necessary doesn’t come across the same way.” Andrew Barnes talks about analysing the risk of the 4 Day Week, on the active CEO Podcast.

“I didn’t inform the board. I merely announced the 4 day week on national television.” Andrew Barnes launching the 4 Day Week at Perpetual Guardian, on the active CEO Podcast.

“What we got was a more enthusiastic workforce, workforce that was refreshed, a workforce that was more empowered.” Employee outcomes of the 4 Day Week with Andrew Barnes on the active CEO Podcast.

Resources Mentioned in this show:

Andrew Barnes Wikipedia
Andrew Barnes TEDx Auckland
4 Day Week
4 Day Week LinkedIn
4 Day Week Facebook
4 Day Week Twitter
Perpetual Guardian
Craig Johns
Craig Johns LinkedIn