Inspiring Great Leaders Podcast #199 Nina Mapson Bone Meaningful Work

Inspiring Great Leaders Podcast #199 Nina Mapson Bone Meaningful Work

Meaningful Work

On this episode of the Inspiring Great Leaders Podcast, Craig Johns speaks with Nina Mapson Bone about Meaningful Work, communication as a key aspect of leadership and building relationships within organisations.

We also dive deeper into creating a sense of purpose and community within organisations, challenges in the workplace and recruitment, and the four key factors of meaningful work.

Nina Mapson Bone  – Meaningful Work

Nina Mapson Bone is the managing director of Beaumont People, a renowned recruitment and consulting firm, a powerful speaker, and the author of the career-changing book Meaningful Work. She is an Opinion Columnist at CEOWORLD magazine and has diverse experience working with Robert Half International, the University of Sydney, and Chandler Macleod Group.

She is a graduate of The University of Edinburgh and the Australian Institute of Company Directors.  Nina is also the President of the Recruitment, Consulting, and Staffing Association of Australia and New Zealand, and the Chair of the Development Committee of the NORTH Foundation—an organisation dedicated to advancing medical research and patient care. 

Nina talks about:

  • Growing up in the UK
  • Setting out to be a leader from an early stage
  • Organisations and employers looking at transferable skills and using skills-based recruiting
  • Meaningful Work
  • Societal factors in producing meaningful work
  • Human skills needed to persevere and the ability to overcome struggles
  • Moved formally into recruiting upon arriving in Australia in 2002
  • How a company’s dealing with the fact that people don’t tend to stick around as long anymore
  • People are less clear on what they’re looking for
  • Searching for a sense of purpose and belonging in a workplace
  • Employers being loyal to their people and people being loyal to their employers
  • Leaders creating a great culture within organisations
  • Using your people’s strengths to motivate them to perform better
  • Getting better at acknowledging people’s mistakes
  • Communication is key in leadership
  • Relationship building between employers and employees
  • The need for deep work versus collaboration
  •  Four kinds of key factors of meaningful work


“Leaders need to be thinking about working on how can they keep, how can they retain and develop their people and keep them involved.” Leaders giving their members a sense of purpose with Nina Mapson Bone on the Inspiring Great Leaders Podcast.

“I would much rather work with organisations that are great places to work. I have a great culture & great environment. That’s the style of recruitment we do.” Nina Mapson Bone on their recruitment style at Beaumont on the Inspiring Great Leaders Podcast.

“There’s a lot of evidence to show that when people work to their strengths, they perform better, they better engage, they’re less stressed, they’re more vital, they’re more creative. So if you know what your people’s strengths are and you are able as a leader to allocate the kind of tasks and resources and workload based on the strengths, you’ll get better performance.” Using your people’s strengths with Nina Mapson Bone on the Inspiring Great Leaders Podcast. 

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Meaningful Work

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