Inspiring Great Leaders Podcast #187 Roxanne Calder Employable In The Future

Inspiring Great Leaders Podcast #187 Roxanne Calder Employable In The Future

Inspiring Great Leaders Podcast #187 Roxanne Calder Employable In The Future

Employable In The Future

On this episode of the Inspiring Great Leaders Podcast, Craig Johns speaks with Roxanne Calder about Employable In The Future, human resources, and balancing recruitment and redundancies.

We also dive deeper into the attributes to assure your working future, verbal and non-verbal communication in leadership, and HR issues affecting the modern workforce.

Roxanne Calder – Employable In The Future

Roxanne Calder is a recruitment specialist and the Founder and Managing Director of EST10. With a BA in HR from Monash University and an MBA from the Australian Graduate School of Management, Roxanne brings a unique blend of expertise to the table. Her journey has been nothing short of thrilling, starting from her early days in hospitality and learning Japanese in the vibrant country itself. From there, she found her calling working with the renowned recruiter, Julia Ross, before eventually establishing her own groundbreaking company, EST10.

Besides her passion for recruitment and entrepreneurship, she dreams of one day owning a mini farm filled with Clydesdale horses, fainting goats, and even a Giant Eagle! Yes, you heard that right – her vision knows no bounds.

Roxanne talks about:

  • Living in Scotland, Southern Africa, Japan and Melbourne.
  • Building resilience and being exposed to a lot of different cultures from a young age
  • Learning different languages – Russian, Japanese, French –  and an interest in linguistics
  • The work ethics and working situations in Asia, Australia, and the UK
  • AI and the concerns in employment and human resources
  • Employable, –Seven Attributes to Assure Your Working Future
  • The advancement of AI and its role in employment and education
  • Importance of adapting to technological changes and upskilling
  • Having a growth mindset
  • Momentum in jobs and careers
  • Pace of change in skills
  • Handling redundancies, human resources and recruitment
  • Longevity with roles from a business perspective
  • Loyalty, reflection, and different perspectives in the modern workforce
  • Developing a high level of self-awareness
  • What makes you truly employable in today’s competitive job marketplace


“I think also this is why managers, leaders have to be genuine, authentic, real because when you acknowledge you’re giving off the message subtly of something that’s in conflict with what you’re saying and people will pick up on that even if they don’t realize it at the moment, they will go away with some level of feeling or intuition.” Roxanne Calder talks about the importance of nonverbal cues in the Inspiring Great Leaders Podcast. 

“I understand why people are scared there or fearful or worried about it. It’s our next big thing. It’s as big as the Internet. So I understand why people might be concerned, but I think they should take a different view on it. They should be embracing it, getting ahead of it, getting on top of it.” AI and human resources with Roxanne Calder on the Inspiring Great Leaders Podcast. 

“It’s always about learning and refining and applying. What you’ve learned doesn’t have to be just about the job. It can be about yourself. And it’s probably even more powerful if you can learn more about yourself.” Reflections from past and current jobs with Roxanne Calder on the Inspiring Great Leaders Podcast. 

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Inspiring Great Leaders Podcast #185 Adele Spraggon Creating a Brain Shift

Inspiring Great Leaders Podcast #185 Adele Spraggon Creating A Brain Shift

Inspiring Great Leaders Podcast #185 Adele Spraggon Creating a Brain Shift

Creating A Brain Shift

On this episode of the Inspiring Great Leaders Podcast, Craig Johns speaks with Adele Spraggon about creating a brain shift, the 4 steps to personal empowerment and human behaviour.

We also dive deeper into the existing patterns in our brain, neuroscience, and uncovering what makes people unhappy.

Adele Spraggon – Creating A Brain Shift

Adele Spraggon is the author of the award-winning book Shift: 4 Steps to Personal Empowerment, an international trainer, and a fearless speaker. Her fascination with neuroscience and human behavior has led her to uncover what makes us unhappy and to offer practical solutions for personal empowerment.

With a Master’s degree in Humanities/Humanistic Studies from York University, Adele has been recognised for her outstanding contributions in the field of customer experience, behavioral expertise, and personal empowerment. She was awarded the 2020 Woman of Inspiration: Customer Experience Award and the 2021 Top Behavioural Expert of the Year by the International Association of Top Professionals and was recently featured on the cover of the Top Industry Professionals magazine.

Adele talks about:

  • How her childhood affected her perspective of human behaviour
  • Living in affluence in contrast to living in poverty
  • The human behavior that causes the dynamic between the rich and the poor
  • Fear of the unknown
  • Surviving by knowing
  • Creating a brain shift
  • Helping people take charge and make decisions
  • Fascination with human behaviour and being a behavioural change expert
  • Having a purpose in life
  • Shift: 4 Steps to Personal Empowerment
  • The brain pattern
  • Rewiring the brain and shifting behaviours
  • Lifetime technique of pattern shifting


“There’s one thing that every human being on this planet fears, and it’s one shared fear amongst all of us, and that is the unknown. So that’s why we get trapped in situations where we know we’re not happy, but we don’t know how to get out of that, because to get out of that, we have to make a leap of faith.” Adele Spraggon talks about fear of the unknown on the Inspiring Great Leaders Podcast. 

“I think though coaching is one of those things that if you love doing it, it really becomes a huge purpose in life because it’s so meaningful to be able to support somebody out of those places where they think I’m trapped and I can never get out.” Finding meaning through coaching with Adele Spraggon on the Inspiring Great Leaders Podcast. 

“Our human brain is such that it creates patterns or neural pathways. And so every time that a child learns something, the brain stores that away in the form of a pattern so that it can repeat that behaviour in the future. So we tend to rely on actions that we’ve already done in the past. And once our brain has a pattern, it tends to take that action over and over again, which is why somebody can make the same mistake repeatedly knowing it’s a mistake but not being able to change it.” The neural pathways of the human brain with Adele Spraggon on the Inspiring Great Leaders Podcast. 

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Inspiring Great Leaders Podcast #180 Darren Fleming Mindset Mastery

Inspiring Great Leaders Podcast #180 Darren Fleming Mindset Mastery

Inspiring Great Leaders Podcast #180 Darren Fleming Mindset Mastery

Mindset Mastery

On this episode of the Inspiring Great Leaders Podcast, Craig Johns speaks with Darren Fleming about Mindset Mastery, mental momentum and the marvels of the human brain.

We also dive deep into the world of health and athleticism, meditation and awareness, using positive psychology, and dealing with unwanted thoughts.

Darren Fleming – Mindset Mastery

Darren Fleming is a Peak Performance Strategist, behavioral scientist, former international elite athlete, and a prolific author with six books on communication, leadership, and influence under his belt. He’s recently launched a new book called Mindset Mastery that’s bound to change the game.

With a degree in Psychology from the University of South Australia and a background in neuro-linguistic programming, he has an incredible journey to share with us. From being a para-legal to a debt collector, he’s taken up leadership, training, and coaching roles at Westpac and even worked as a statistician for the Australian government. He’s on a mission to help major Australian and international companies unleash their full potential. With a passion for helping people overcome their limitations and achieve their goals with greater ease, he’s worked with top Global 100 companies such as CISCO, Caterpillar, and Komatsu.

Darren talks about:

  • Growing up in a rough environment
  • Finding love in the world of sports
  • Mindset Mastery
  • Sensory body feedback loop and how do we engage with the world
  • Mental momentum
  • Don’t be a D!ck
  • Feeling the fear and doing things anyway
  • Taking ownership and responsibility of everything
  • Preventing moments of exclusion
  • Meditation and awareness


“Always have awareness a hundred percent all the time during the day. That’s the first thing. Action. Well, take action when you need to. It’s not an either-or.” Darren Fleming talks about meditation and awareness on the Inspiring Great Leaders Podcast. 

“Don’t turn your back, don’t cover your ears, don’t close your heart.” How to prevent exclusion with Darren Fleming on the Inspiring Great Leaders Podcast. 

“I would simply just say be curious, curious, act with love, act or come from love is probably the better perception. Just do something that interests you.” Darren Fleming on creating an energy flow for situations on the Inspiring Great Leaders Podcast. 

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Speakers Institute Corporate
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active CEO Podcast Andrew Barnes 4 Day Week

active CEO Podcast #58 Andrew Barnes 4 Day Week

active CEO Podcast Andrew Barnes 4 Day Week
Andrew Barnes – Founder 4 Day Week

On this episode of the active CEO Podcast, Craig Johns speaks with Andrew Barnes about Perpetual Guardian’s 4 Day Week, changing the way people work, improving the wellbeing and productivity of businesses, and the fourth industrial revolution. We also speak about global financial crisis, customer service, empowered workforces and the more important benefits of the 4 Day Week.

Andrew Barnes – 4 Day Week

Andrew Barnes is an incredible leader who is an innovator, entrepreneur, philanthropist and absolute human resource disrupter. He is the catalyst behind the 4 day week, saved the historic 1904 built classic racing yacht Ariki, and proud host of the 3 day weekend.

Andrew completed a MA in Law and archaeology at the University of Cambridge, attended the Harvard Business School’s Program for Management Development and is an Associate of the Chartered Institute of Bankers (UK).

His financial services career commenced in the UK before holding senior executive roles at Macquarie Bank, Citi, Tower, County NatWest and was Chairman at Australasian Wealth Investments.

Our special guest then became a director of Bestinvest, acquired and purchased Perpetual Trust, founded Complectus and made the game-changing move of creating Perpetual Guardian. He is currently the Chairman of Regional; Facilities Auckland, Paysauce and Perpetual Trust.

Andrew talks about:

  • Thinking carefully about what our industry is going to look like in years to come.
  • A simultaneous arrest of eleven ships spread across the globe,
  • Why an arts background allowed him to look at it from a different shape and pattern.
  • The cultural adjustment to Australia after the 1987 stock market crash.
  • Two core lessons in finance that create repeated financial crisis.
  • Why the military is still one of the best leadership schools.
  • How his time at Citi was the point where his leadership evolved.
  • People are only productive two and a half hours a day.
  • Productivity and profitability improving after the eight week trial of the 4 Day Week.
  • Lots of scepticism not only at the Board level but also at the leadership level of the company.
  • The 100-80-100 rule.
  • How the Perpetual Guardian staff were empowered to design the 4 Day Week
  • Ensuring that customer service standards did not drop.
  • New Zealand society’s response to the 4 Day Week.
  • People want to work for an innovative business that’s trying different things.
  • The stress and mental health epidemic sweeping the workforce across the world.
  • We are setting up a couple of foundations whose purpose is to fund research.
  • Creating a network of consultants around the world to deliver the 4 Day Week.
  • Why the hell the work practices are the right way, had asked the question why?
  • My peak point of creativity is usually after a point of high stress

Active CEO Performance Tip

Leaders Develop Leaders – Leaders don’t just lead people, they develop leaders. Learning how to recognize and most importantly develop potential and emerging leaders is important for the growth and succession of a company, organization group or team. Being able to identify behaviors, attitudes and habits are more important than job-related skills when it comes to leadership. Facilitating growth, supporting leadership behaviours and providing challenges to enhance your people’s skills should be your number one priority and people buy people not products.


“I didn’t think the 4 day week was high risk, but if you are sitting where somebody else is it necessary doesn’t come across the same way.” Andrew Barnes talks about analysing the risk of the 4 Day Week, on the active CEO Podcast.

“I didn’t inform the board. I merely announced the 4 day week on national television.” Andrew Barnes launching the 4 Day Week at Perpetual Guardian, on the active CEO Podcast.

“What we got was a more enthusiastic workforce, workforce that was refreshed, a workforce that was more empowered.” Employee outcomes of the 4 Day Week with Andrew Barnes on the active CEO Podcast.

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Robert McMurtrie (Sports People Recruitment) – Pioneering With Green Fields

active CEO Podcast #22 Robert McMurtrie Pioneering With Green Fields

Robert McMurtrie – Founder Sports People Recruitment

On this episode of the active CEO Podcast, we are talking about recruiting talent, leadership performance, being an entrepreneur and managing your energy levels. We discuss the interview process, who should apply for roles, is the employer right for you and the changing landscape in sport.


Robert McMurtrie has been at the cutting edge of the sports industry for the last four decades. He is a man of integrity, respect, trust and a sharp eye for detail when it comes to ensuring people have the best chance of securing that dream job that desire.

It is very rare that someone gets a “green field’, clean slate, in every role they have ever worked in. His career in sport took a giant leap in 1985, after being a Sport & Recreation officer at the Australian National University and Macquarie University, when he was appointed the National Executive Director at Netball Australia. He then put the pedal to the metal with a highly successful tenure as the CEO and Event Director at the Australian Motorcycle Grand Prix.

Sporting events are special and Robert was fortunate to lead the delivery of five World Championship events, including three Motorcycle Grand Prix’s, the 1992 International Six Days Enduro and the 1988 Coca-Cola World Youth Netball Championships.

The 1987 Confederation of Australian Sport – Sport Administrator of the Year, is the founder and director of Sports People, the world’s first online job board for sport and is now the number 1 place to find sport, fitness, aquatics, recreation and leisure jobs. In 2018 they sold Sports People Job Market and now focus on People Recruitment Group.

Sport has always been a real passion, completing a Bachelor of Physical Education at the University of Western Australia and a Master of Education at the University of Sydney. He also studied Applied Personal Consulting, HR at Deakin University. O

Robert talks about:

  • You are not a great value to your family or employer if you are constantly tired.
  • Growing up in Woy Woy with a full on active lifestyle, where he first found a love for swimming
  • Starting out in the sport industry at Australian National University in Canberra, and setting up the first Sport and Recreation program at Macquarie University in Sydney.
  • People who was are the most likeable, are the most likely person to get a job.
  • “Any idea is not a bad idea”
  • Managing Australian Netball Captain, Liz Ellis, who made the comment that he had 100 ideas, 99 were really bad and one of those was really good.
  • The biggest change in the sport sector over the past 40 years.
  • Within sport the most consistent things about salaries are their inconsistencies.
  • Being first to market in the early days and being exclusive for the first ten years.
  • Establishing People Recruitment Group with his wife, after selling Sports People Job Market in 2018.
  • People Recruitment Group expanding with Fashion People and People Recruitment.
  • When recruiting People Recruitment Group staff they look for the ability to engage with people, to listen more than talk and to be a good judge of people.
  • People not reading the position description and information
  • Just because you can apply, doesn’t mean you should apply.
  • Its important to structure an interview process so it is conversational and incorporate an audition element such as a pre-planned scenario presentation
  • The power is always in the hands of the candidate.
  • Australia wins one gold medal and that is in the obesity stakes.
  • The influence of the late Deirdre Hyland AM, who was President of Netball Australia, had on his career.

Active CEO Wellness Tip

Quick Fix – How much time are you prepared to allocate and schedule each day of the week to ensure your mind and body are ready to deliver peak performance in the workplace? If you have a tight schedule, family commitments and travel often, it cannot be underestimated how beneficial doing short, intense sessions can be. If you are struggling to regularly keep fit, high-intensity exercise done in as little as 15-30min, 2 or 3 times a week, can still be incredibly beneficial for your health and fitness. No one can tell me that they can’t find 15-30min in their day, to take care of themselves!


“Recruitment is a two-way street. The employer is assessing if you are the right candidate and more importantly you are assessing whether they are the right employer for you.

” Deciding on a job with Robert McMurtrie on the active CEO Podcast.

“It doesn’t matter what your cash flow is, you can still run a business. Just make sure you have enough to cover the basics and keep doing what you do and it will improve.” Robert McMurtrie reveals what Peter Burns taught him in the early days as an entrepreneur on the active CEO Podcast.

“A coach being more than a coach, they teach you about what is possible, what you can do and why you should do it.” Robert McMurtrie explaining that there is more to a coach, on the active CEO Podcast.

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