Inspiring Great Leaders Podcast #188 Jon Yeo Intersection Of Human & Artificial Intelligence

Inspiring Great Leaders Podcast #188 Jon Yeo Intersection Of Human & Artificial Intelligence

Inspiring Great Leaders Podcast #188 Jon Yeo Intersection Of Human & Artificial Intelligence

Intersection Of Human & Artificial Intelligence

On this episode of the Inspiring Great Leaders Podcast, Craig Johns speaks with Jon Yeo about the intersection of human & artificial intelligence, TEDx Melbourne, and the importance of communication in leadership.

We also dive deeper into how to be a great communicator, human values, human decision-making & human logic, and culture & leadership.

Jon Yeo – Intersection Of Human & Artificial Intelligence

Jon Yeo is a renowned speaker coach, trainer, and the driving force behind TEDx Melbourne, Australia’s first independently run TED program. With a background in Business Information Management, Computing, and Human Resources from Victoria University, Jon has honed his expertise to become a sought-after figure in the industry.

Throughout his career, Jon has had the privilege of working with prestigious clients including SAP, Princess Cruises, Toyota, and the University of Melbourne, among others. His wealth of experience has made him a go-to resource for aspiring speakers, seasoned professionals, and leaders looking to enhance their communication skills and find inspiration.

Adrian talks about:

  • Moving from an off-the-scale introvert to an esteemed speaker coach
  • Two primary factors of communication
  • Volume of content vs. value of content
  • TED Talks and presentations – speaking at someone rather than with someone
  • Reporting relationship as a strategic part of your leadership
  • Principle of second-order thinking and consequences
  • Evolution of AI and regulation of technology
  • AI in the military
  • Our thinking, values, structures, and humanity
  • Preventing an overload of information that either supports or detracts from the decisions we make
  • Intersection Of Human & Artificial Intelligence
  • Inclusion is the solution
  • Human values, human decision-making, human logic
  • AI in companies and businesses AI in human resources
  • Better together in culture and leadership
  • Taking artificial intelligence and robotics to the extreme
  • Creation of TEDx Melbourne
  • Building trust and rapport as a speaker
  • How to be a great communicator


“Ultimately, who does it serve? What is the value it creates? How do we make sure there’s widespread accessibility? And what does it ultimately mean for humanity as a species? Are some of the more existential questions we’re starting to ask ourselves.” Jon Yeo talks about the acceleration of technology on the Inspiring Great Leaders Podcast. 

“It’s about being aware of what you can do, what you can’t do when it comes to speaking, communication, influence, and giving yourself the best chance to put your best foot forward when the opportunity turns up.” Having a system for communication with Jon Yeo on the Inspiring Great Leaders Podcast. 

“This is where human values come into mind, into human decision making, human logic. And these are all things that you can’t program the way you can program, but it’s got to be programmed in such a way that everyone’s included and we don’t have that capability. And so that’s the bit that’s both interesting and a concern for me when it comes to technology.” The intersection of human & artificial intelligence with Jon Yeo on the Inspiring Great Leaders Podcast. 

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Dane Jensen The Power Of Pressure Inspiring Great Leaders

Inspiring Great Leaders Podcast #163 Dane Jensen The Power Of Pressure

Dane Jensen The Power Of Pressure Inspiring Great Leaders


On this episode of the Inspiring Great Leaders Podcast, Craig Johns speaks with Dane Jensen about The Power of Pressure, why pressure isn’t the problem it’s the solution, high stakes pressure moments and being pressure ambidextrous. 

We also delve into leading ourselves before others, how to navigate pressure for the long-haul, what happens when pressure builds, the discipline of active awareness of pressure and the unconscious competency of being in a flow state. 

Dane Jensen – The Power Of Pressure 

Dane Jensen is the CEO of Third Factor, where they study the science of performance from the sports field to the Board room and help leaders be more effective, creative and resilient under pressure. Dane loves disarming your biggest pressures, is a regular contributor to Harvard Business Review, and a former Monitor Deloitte employee who lives in Toronto Canada with his wife and three children 

He is an instructor at the Smith School of Business at Queen’s University and is affiliate faculty with the UNC Executive Development at the Kenan-Flagler Business School at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. In his work at Third Factor he has had exposure to thousands of high performers—from Olympic gold medallists to Navy SEALs, politicians, executives and busy parents, which has led to his newly released book, The Power of Pressure. 

Dane talks about: 

  • The high-pressure parent moment that made his heart stop. 
  • Why pressure isn’t the problem it’s the solution. 
  • The pressure equation and how to use them for a positive outcome.  
  • Is pressure just an internal thing? 
  • Pressure is in the response to a situation. 
  • What happens to our body under pressure? 
  • The Power Of Pressure.
  • Differences in short term peak pressure vs long-term pressure. 
  • Flow and unconscious competence. 
  • The differences in pressure between business leaders, NAVY Seals and Olympic athletes in how they utilise pressure to increase their performance. 
  • Pressure follows patterns and develops in predictable ways. 
  • How we can power through “peak pressure moments”? 
  • Nailing the peak pressure moments that can make or break a big sale, a crucial meeting, or define a career. 
  • The importance of collaboration and communication in successful leadership.
  • The ability to be less like a thermometer and more like a thermostat. 


“We don’t get performance without pressure.” Talking about The Power Of Pressure with Dane Jensen on the Inspiring Great Leaders Podcast. 

“The amount of uncertainty we can tolerate is related to the importance we place on something.” Dane Jensen talks about the Power of Pressure, on the Inspiring Great Leaders Podcast.  

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