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Craig Johns

CEO & Founder of NRG2Perform


In 2013 Craig’s life changed. He found himself flat-lining in an emergency room as a result of going beyond the human limits. Craig was working more than 70-80 hours a week, disregarding personal health and well-being, and experiencing high levels of stress. The emotional effects on his wife, employees and those closest to him was the catalyst he needed to be more than a leader of high performance and become a high performing leader.

“Where the ordinary don’t belong!” CRAIG JOHNS

He decided to Break The CEO Code and focus on implementing the skills he had learnt as an elite athlete, sport scientist and national head coach into becoming a high performing CEO. Utilising his 25 years of experience successfully leading, managing, coaching and providing sport science around the globe, Craig has developed Breaking The CEO Code and active CEO to enable leaders to be high performing people.

Through his active CEO podcast, programs, speaking and consulting, Craig works with organisations and individuals to improve their wellness, productivity, influence and performance. His next generation leadership performance solutions are based on real facts and evidence. He delivers them in a practical way that you easily understand and can effectively implement.

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Speaking Topics

Craig focused on human performance, productivity, leadership and team culture for CEO’s, executives and high achievers. He is able to present both keynotes and workshops for audiences of all sizes.

Breaking The CEO Code

Future Of Leadership Performance

It can be very lonely at the top. Leaders are constantly under pressure to deliver outcomes such as more perfection, profit, products and prestige. They fall into the trap of working harder and thinking that more is better, when in most cases less is more. Craig learnt first hand the negative consequences of setting a culture of more, rather than facilitating a high performance environment.

Your organisation, team or people of influence are directly affected by the energy, stress, mood and focus you arrive with every single day. When CEO’s and leaders do not proactively plan or manage their energy and stress over time, it leads to a catastrophic effect on the performance and productivity of themself, their company, and their relationships. There is a solution!

In this game-changing session you will learn:

  • 4 fundamentals to being a high performing leader
  • The secrets to sustainable energy and leadership performance
  • CEO Periodization, CEO Presence and CEO Performance.

Ideal Audiences:

  • CEO’s, C-Suite Executives, Entrepreneurs & Leaders
  • Corporate Teams & Businesses (Breaking The CORPORATE Code)
  • Coaches & High Performance Staff (Breaking The COACH Code)


How To OWN Your OWN Influence

The world is constantly challenging us through disruption, competing priorities and competition for our attention, therefore we must take control of our own story and influence. How much of your life do you really own and take full responsibility for?

You are the sum total of your decisions. You own the choices that you make. To enable the shift you need it starts with creating your own world inspired through a process of performance by design. OWN 8 teaches you eight ways for you to own your own influence and enhance your performance. In the future employers and decision makers will be recruiting people who own their own space, movement and story. Are you in the arena?

In this session you will learn:

  • 8 high performance habits to own your OWN INFLUENCE
  • How to create your OWN MBA
  • Why the OWN 8 success formula places you front and centre with key decision makers

Ideal audiences:

  • CEO’s, C-Suite Executives, Entrepreneurs & Leaders
  • Marketing, Advertising, Brand & Creative Agencies
  • Coaches & High Performance Staff
  • University & High School Students

More Insights

Craig has been speaking for more than 20 years as an international keynote speaker, intimate presenter, MC, podcast host and event announcer who easily relates to any audience.

As an experienced speaker, he has presented to audiences both large and small, addressing audiences from corporate executives, leaders, teams and high achievers. It is therefore really important to Craig that he provide’s 3 key things for your next event…

  1. Engaging experience – As a presenter he focuses on connecting your audience through authentic stories they can relate to, humor that brings a point to life and activities that keep them engaged, listening and curious.
  2. Practical application – A speech is more than just inspiration, education and enjoyment. It is his priority to ensure that your audience leaves with an idea, action or practical next step that they can apply to improve, both personally and professionally.
  3. Low maintenance speaker – As a conference, education or event planner, he knows that you have a lot of details and logistics to manage to ensure that you deliver a successful event. He understands how important it is that a speaker is well-prepared, low maintenance and enjoyable to work with. He is regularly told that he is easy, friendly and a delight to work with.

Achieving Your Event Goals

Craig would love to talk with you, to learn more about your conference or organization and how he can best work together with you to accomplish your goals.

Can you please let us know what amazing conference and event you are working on by filling out this quick form or contacting my team directly, and we will respond to you promptly?

What People Are Saying…

“Craig hit the mark with his thought provoking and insightful content, his inclusiveness and his ability to relate to the audience. I thoroughly recommend Craig as a speaker and innovator on membership solutions.”

ASAE Great Ideas Asia Pacific Conference, Seoul
Brendon Ward ASCTA – CEO, Former AuSAE – CEO

David Robinson – Laing + Simmons
Jo Willoughby – Winson Group
Scott Rogan – Rogue Home Cinemas
Dee Sivalingam – Optus
Brent Clayton – Fire Recruitment Australia

Next Steps

I would like to thank you very much for considering me for your important event. You can take the next step and start the conversation, by checking my availability to speak at your event. Please click on the link below and complete a brief form. We will then promptly reply to you and work with you to find a suitable solution that matches your event and audiences unique needs and requirements.

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