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Are you lacking the energy to perform?

Have you had enough of being tired, unhappy, stressed, unhealthy and lacking the drive to perform at your best for your team, company, family and other aspects of your life?

Do you know that Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs, Serena Williams, Oprah Winfrey, Barak Obama, Michael Phelps and Eric Schmidt have one thing in common? They all have a coach to ensure they continue to improve their performance and are on their A-Game when it counts.

At NRG2Perform we have the passion to help you, as a CEO or Leader, achieve Peak Human Performance, and ensure you enjoy the quality of life you deserve.

You deserve a better quality of life

Our practical, meaningful, relevant and highly actionable solutions, provide you with direction and the help you to transform your life from where you are right now, to where you want to be in the future.

We identify your goals, work with you to develop positive habits and routines, and develop an active CEO Performance Plan to achieve them.

We know that you cannot achieve Peak Human Performance without getting the basic fundamentals right first (FOUNDATION):

  • ENERGY (fitness) – healthy body, healthy mind
  • FUEL (nutrition) – a Formula 1 car won’t perform on diesel fuel
  • RECOVERY (recharge) – if you don’t switch the light off it will blow
  • EMOTION (mindset) – you are infectious both positive & negative

There are 6 phases to Breaking The CEO Code program for CEO’s:

active CEO Breaking The CEO Code
  1. FOUNDATION – 4 fundamentals of performance
  2. PERFORMANCE – 3 P’s of leadership performance
  3. INFLUENCE – 8 ways to own your own influence
  4. LEADERSHIP – 6 principles to be a world class leader
  5. TEAM – 10 elements of leading high performing teams
  6. LEGACY – 1 powerful way to leave your mark on the world

Achieve Peak Human Performance

If you want to be a high performing CEO or Leader, then you need to have the basic fundamentals all firing in sync; otherwise your leadership performance component ceilings will be greatly limited.

Managing energy and stress levels are a major problem for CEO’s and Leaders, so we have developed the active CEO 360 Periodisation tool. The tool helps you to effectively manage periods of high stress loads with periods of easy stress loads to allow you to regularly recover and recharge throughout the year, so you have the energy to perform in all aspects of your life.

Effectively manage your energy and stress

Our coaching provides impactful advice, clarity and allows you to discover your human performance potential. We provide results driven resources and action plans that allow you to:

  • Adopt an active CEO performance mindset
  • Effectively develop the 4 basic fundamentals of performance
  • Productively manage your time, energy, stress and relationships
  • Be present and develop your high performance leadership skillsets
  • Channel your focus on your strengths
  • Lead a healthier and happier life

active CEO Coaching MODEL

A – assess (current state)
C – create (future state)
T – test (create roadmap)
I – initiate (activate plan)
V – validate (analyse progress)
E – evolve (upgrade state)

C – change (disrupt it) 
E – embrace (own it)
O – outcome (experience it or live it)

We are highly selective on who we coach

We don’t just coach anyone at NRG2Perform. We are highly selective in the CEO’s and Leaders that we work with and therefore only have 5 exclusive coaching opportunities for 2019, so we can deliver you the best coaching environment.

Are you serious about your personal and leadership development, are committed to being your best and have a growth mindset?

Then you are ready to take the next step

Schedule your complimentary 30 minute introductory call with, our active CEO Performance coach, Craig Johns.


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