active CEO Podcast #108 Fiona Robertson Culture Is The Rules Of Belonging

active CEO Podcast with Craig Johns Fiona Robertson Culture Is The Rules Of Belonging

On this episode of the active CEO Podcast, Craig Johns speaks with Fiona Robertson about the rules of belonging, lessons learnt in culture working at Oglivy and IBM, listening with intention, and the Intersection between culture and strategy.

We also delve into living outside your comfort zone, you have to notice before you choose, being a warm authoritative leader, a coach is not a friend and having an obsession with human interaction.

Fiona Robertson – Culture Is The Rules Of Belonging

Fiona Robertson is a culture change expert who has 30 years experience with blue chip corporates around the world. She loves bringing people on the change journey, is a master of managing group dynamics, and genuinely cares about the work that she does, the people she interacts with and the impact it makes on the organisation. Fiona is known as a passionate, caring, deeply committed and relentless leader of change.

Her education included a BA English Literature at Monash University, an Executive MBA from the London Business School, is certified as an Executive Coach from the Institute of Executive Coaching and Leadership, and is a certified Company Director from the Australian Institute of Company Directors. Fiona’s career has included roles in marketing, communications, consulting and human resources at companies such as Ogilvy, Kiboodle, Growth Solutions Group, Right Management and National Australia Bank. She founded Robertson Consulting Services in 2017, to help leaders and business owners create the culture they need to execute strategy.

Fiona talks about:

  • Experiencing turbulent change when her parents divorced.
  • Igniting a love of language and fascination with the human condition.
  • The extraordinary similarities between countries but vast differences in cultures.
  • We all look at the world through our own unique lens.
  • Our ability to predict the future is becoming less and less.
  • If you have a hammer, everything looks like a nail.
  • What characteristics are needed to be an effective leader of cultural change?
  • Need to be nimble to respond to the marketplace.
  • Humans adopt the behaviour that is considered successful in the group that they join.
  • Our brains are very good at keeping us safe; they believe that to belong is to be safe.
  • Culture is the rules of belonging.
  • Leading with core values with a combination of empathy and high expectations.
  • When you are changing something, tell them the ten things that are not changing.
  • Pay attention, culture should be continually nudged as strategy changes.
  • A coach is person who is there to challenge and support you in equal measure.
  • If you want to change something in life you have to notice what you are doing now.

Active CEO Performance Tip

Own Your OWN FREEDOM – Are you content with how you are living your life or the way that you might be living someone else’s life? Find the passion, happiness & direction in your life. What fuels the fire in your belly? What are you willing to sacrifice to fulfill your passion? What allows you to feel content and fall asleep at ease? What is your purpose and direction in life? Questions to ask yourself – 1. What makes you come alive. 2. What are your innate strengths. 3. Where do you add greatest value


“Everyone looks through their own lens at the world. Meet people where they are. Attempt to see the world through their eyes. Listen intently to what is said and not said. Try to imagine yourself dealing with the pressures with who ever you are speaking with is dealing with on a day to day basis, because everybody has them.” Fiona Robertson on the rules of belonging, on the active CEO Podcast.

“Our brains are very good at keeping us safe, they believe that to belong is to be safe. They will resist consciously and unconsciously a change to the rules of belonging.” Discussing how the human brain reacts to change with Fiona Robertson, on the active CEO Podcast.

“Living inside your comfort zone makes you feel safe but prevents you from trying the things that you make you more successful.” Fiona Robertson describing living inside your comfort zone, on the active CEO Podcast.

“People perform best when they know they are fully supported, so any form of failure or mistake is a beautiful learning opportunity.” Being a supportive leader with Fiona Robertson on the active CEO Podcast.

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