active CEO Podcast 118 Annie Gibbins Biography Of A Curious Woman

Active CEO Podcast #118 Annie Gibbins Biography Of A Curious Woman

On this episode of the active CEO Podcast, Craig Johns speaks with Annie Gibbins about Becoming Annie The Biography Of A Curious Woman, the beauty and pressure of having two sets of twins, creating magic transformations, and saving sight every day with Glaucoma Australia.

We also delve into leading through COVID-19, cog in the wheel mindset, engaging the Governor General and How do we get success for what it means for us?

Annie Gibbins – Briography Of A Curious Woman

Annie Gibbins is a CEO Super Mum, a high achiever who is committed to serving others through her leadership as CEO of Glaucoma Australia, coaching corporates and creating magic transformations in her Lipstick Consulting business. She is a volunteer in the McGrath Foundation, an inspirational and dynamic leader and entrepreneur who helps people produce results that matter.

Annie is an author in Unsung Business Heroes, Double Trouble Double Treat What having twins is really like, Breaking Lifelong Barriers, Self Care Mastery, and releasing in July 2020 Becoming Annie, The Biography Of A Curious Woman. She has a Diploma of Applied Health Science Nursing from the University of Technology Sydney, Bachelor Health Science at Southern Cross University, Graduate Diploma of Adult Vocational Education from Griffith University and Master of Education Vocational Education and Training from the University of technology Sydney. Her career has included CEO roles at Australasian Society for Ultrasound in Medicine, Australian Institute of Ultrasound and Glaucoma Australia.

Annie talks about:

  • The dream of being a businesswoman and a CEO
  • Understanding terrible things happen to really beautiful people
  • The beauty and pressure of being a mum of two sets of twins
  • Get the very best out of people, by encouraging them from behind
  • Responsibility of a CEO and the classic imposter syndrome
  • If you are in the wrong place, is not good for you
  • People are the top priority and need time to prepare their mindset
  • Engaging the Governor General as patron and Kurt Pengelly from INXS as an ambassador
  • The story behind Lipstick consulting
  • Trekking to Everest base camp and 3 high passes
  • Magic Transformation online mentoring and coaching program.
  • Because you think you are a little charity then its not possible
  • Becoming Annie – The Biography of a Curious Woman
  • There are many challenges and we are all on a journey
  • How can we support females in the workforce more effectively


“Partner up with the right people who are on song with our message.” Annie Gibbins discusses the importance of collaboration, on the active CEO Podcast.

“What’s the one little thing that represents in that moment that makes you feel better.“ Self care as a leader with Annie Gibbins, on the active CEO Podcast.

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Unsung Business Heroes Charles Fairlie

active CEO Podcast #63 Charles Fairlie Unsung Business Heroes

Unsung Business Heroes Charles Fairlie
Charles Fairlie – Unsung Business Heroes

On this episode of the active CEO Podcast, Craig Johns speaks with Charles Fairlie about Unsung Business heroes, inspiring leaders, crowd funded book models and sailing on Sydney Harbour. We also delve into Netwalking, Dick Smith Electronics and lessons from the media industry.

Charles Fairlie – Unsung Business Heroes

Charles Fairlie is a passionate people person who loves sharing the stories of Unsung Business Heroes. He is a honest, persistent and driven son of a boat builder, purposeful entrepreneur and has a passion for the backstory of a business.

With a Bachelor of Communications in Marketing from the University of NSW, our guest is a Board Director of the Australasian Pioneers Club. His 30 year career in media includes sales and account manager roles at Channel 9, Macquarie Radio, Sony Music Australia and the Australian Associated Press. In recent years he transitioned from being the Client and Marketing Director of Clickthru to founding his own company Purpose Publishing Australia.

Charles talks about:

  • Writing Unsung Business Heroes to record his dad’s records and accomplishments.
  • Selling fax machines as Promotions Manager for Dick Smith Electronics.
  • 30 year career in media industry.
  • Being as a sales manager at 2Day FM and Channel 9.
  • Working with incredible leaders who had long-term vision and seeing the bigger picture.
  • Kerry Packer saying, “You only get one Alan Bond moment in time, and I have just had mine.”
  • A gift that stays around forever.
  • People really appreciate it when people share intimate things.
  • Crowdfunding book model with production cost sharing.
  • Belonging to the The Pioneer’s club.
  • Netwalking, a networking event walking around botanical gardens and Sydney opera house.

Active CEO Performance Tip

Trust Based Leadership – Trust affects a leader’s impact and has a profound affect on a company or team achieving their goals. It is the foundation of a business. Like a building if the foundation is weak and shaky it can crumble. Trust based leadership is all about allowing your staff’s competence and motivation to get the job done. Signs that trust-based leadership is working include high-levels of autonomy and low levels of unnecessary control. Employees have the freedom, independence, and discretion to schedule work, make decisions and choose the methods used to perform tasks. Trust helps avoid hostility, improves change acceptance, receptiveness to negative feedback, builds team motivation, increases employee loyalty, encourages idea sharing, boosts morale and increases productivity.


“To be a good interviewer, you have to listen, be prepared for where the talk is going and open up so they can share transparently and authentically.” Charles Fairlie delves into interviewing, on the active CEO Podcast.

“An honest person doesn’t need a good memory. You don’t have to remember the lies from the past and cover them up.” Charles Fairlie talks about authenticity, on the active CEO Podcast.

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