active CEO Podcast Craig Johns Be Your OWN CEO Breaking The CEO Code Coach Speaker Consultant

active CEO Podcast #103 Be Your OWN CEO

active CEO Podcast Craig Johns Be Your OWN CEO Breaking The CEO Code Coach Speaker Consultant


By Craig Johns

Be Your Own CEO – create your own high performance habits, boundaries & influence.

Most people would relate CEO to a chief executive officer being the highest-ranking person in a company or other institution, ultimately responsible for taking managerial decisions. How ever we have redefined CEO in terms of you and your energy.

Wouldn’t it be great to experience greater levels of energy more often in your life? … Do you know we are all CEO’s … the chief energy officer of our live’s? … And think how that energy effect’s other people and the way you behave.


Human effectiveness is ultimately a function of human energy. How will you mobilize, focus, inspire and sustain your energy? Do you nurture, transform and direct your own human energy?

Life is both a marathon and a sprint. There will be energy highs and lows in life, and the key is how you manage that. You need to develop the ability to harness and mobilise your energy on demand. This is a massive asset that you need to take full ownership of

You Are The CEO

Are you accountable for every action you take and its result? Do you make a conscious and intentional choice before considering your commitments? it is important to know and understand what you can really give 100% attention to.

Successful leaders say NO more than they say YES. Are you living proactively or reactively? Be more proactive and take greater charge of your life. Be proactive by design versus reactive by default. How are you being proactive in clearly mapping out your priorities and desires?

Do you understand the business of your life? Your success depends on your attention to your entire “human” company. Break down yourself into different divisions of your own “human” company and create your OWN CEO Audit & Plan.

It’s now time for you to Be Your OWN CEO!

Want To Learn More?

Check out the newly Breaking The CEO Code whitepaper. It provides an overview of Breaking The CEO Code and showcases the 6 key phases. We also go a little deeper into the 2nd phase PERFORMANCE, where we discuss the 3 P’s of the Leadership Performance Formula.

Breaking The CEO Code WhitepaperDownload

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active CEO Podcast #60 Jennifer Dunham Pivotal Moments Create Decisions

active CEO Podcast #60 Jennifer Dunham Pivotal Moments Create Decisions

active CEO Podcast #60 Jennifer Dunham Pivotal Moments Create Decisions

On this episode of the active CEO Podcast, Craig Johns speaks with Jennifer Dunham about pivotal moments create decisions, habit stacking, tiny habits and the Profitable Lifestyle Formula. We also talk about being diagnosed with Melanoma Cancer, Happiness Matters, failure is awesome and the value of brain dumps.

Jennifer Dunham – Pivotal Moments Create Decisions

Jennifer Dunham is a Profitable Lifestyle and Automation expert, who has turned the adversity of melanoma cancer, being hit by a drunk driver and going through divorce into an opportunity to bring more time, money and happiness to her clients. She is a courageous coach who lives on a small chicken farm, tells you like it is and has a passion for photography.

Her education includes a Bachelors Computer Science (minor in Mathematics) at the University of Nevada, Reno and a Masters Computer Science (AI in Analysis of Algorithms & Psychology) at the University of California, Davis.

Jennifer is the President of JLynnConsulting, the owner of The Memory Journalists and the Founder & CEO of Time, Money & Happiness Matters. She focuses on intentional living with “The Profitable Lifestyle Formula, utilising “Tiny Habits” help CEO’s overcome entrepreneurial burnout and unstable lead and revenue generation.

Jennifer talks about:

  • Her bad summer of turning 30.
  • Being diagnosed with Melanoma Cancer.
  • “If you were given one year to live, what would you do?
  • Living life with intention.
    Pivotal moments create decisions.
  • Feeling like I was my own client at some point of my life.
  • Mediocrity occurs, because people don’t know how to make a change.
  • Most people set themselves up to fail because it is a big shift from what they were doing.
  • You can be happier in less than five minutes a day.
  • A habit allows you to automate your thinking.
  • We repeat about 40% of what we do, every single day.
  • Stacking repeatable habits into routines, conserves brain power.
  • Profitable Lifestyle Formula.
  • Most people think happiness is a by-product of a result.
  • Sometimes people need the push and permission in order to make a leap of faith.
  • Her active and healthy lifestyle routines.
  • How can people who truly want to go school, be able to go to school and not have to worry about it?

Active CEO Performance Tip

Performance By Design – Your performance should not occur by accident. The environment you and your team work in should be carefully engineered and positioned so that performance is enabled and not forced. Think carefully about how you design a project, program or event and ensure that you are not forcing performance. Establish key actions or opportunities that allow the team members to discover performance and shine by themselves or together as a collective. This is important for long-term growth and development of not only the individual but most importantly the team.


“What is it that they want to work on? What is it they love to work on? And how can they be more profitable with their time?” Jennifer Dunham talks about successful entrepreneurs, on the active CEO Podcast.

“Sometimes people need the push and permission in order to make a leap of faith.” Discussing change, with Jennifer Dunham, on the active CEO Podcast.

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