active CEO Podcast #130 Alison Hill Building Leadership Potential Remotely

active CEO #130 Alison Hill Building Leadership Potential Remotely

On this episode of the active CEO Podcast, Craig Johns speaks with Alison Hill about building leadership potential remotely, understanding human behavior, why performance needs to be number one in business cultures and what does high performance look like?

We also deep dive into how we can effectively have hard conversations online, why incidental leaders are rising to the top, culture based connections and how do we hear more voices?

Alison Hill – Building Leadership Potential Remotely

Alison Hill is an award-winning business women, psychologist, CEO of a 3-time AFR Fast 100 company Pragmatic Thinking and is the author of two best-selling books, Dealing with the Tough Stuff and Stand Out. She is someone who loves supporting people through the tough conversations and transitions at work, is the host of the Stand Out Life podcast, a keynote speaker and a professional Head-Mechanic.

Alison has a Bachelor in Behavioral Science Psychology from Charles Darwin University and Griffith University. Her career has included roles as a Rehabilitation Counselor at CRS Australia, Pain Management Counselor at IMConcepts, Psychologist at Wisemind Psychology, Managing Director at Change Works and currently the CEO of Pragmatic Thinking.

Alison talks about:

  • Growing up as a child that asked the world why.
  • Being a deep thinker, who could see patterns and stand back and take things in.
  • The collective experiment of human behaviour.
  • Seismic changes for workplaces.
  • Significant changes in leadership communication.
  • Every strategic plan being brought forward to what do we do now.
  • Have we really been more productive in 2020?
  • Having a choice of what work can mean for us.
  • What ever was there in our culture before is now being amplified.
  • Human nature to fall into habits and patterns,
  • How to develop leadership potential remotely,
  • What you can learn about people through online body language.
  • Being really strategic and conscious around the communication channels.
  • Cultures who don’t focus on performance first wont be around for long.
  • Clarity on behaviour equals greater performance,
  • TV quality studio for virtual learning and engagement,


“What ever was there before is being amplified” Alison Hill intimately discusses company culture when working remotely, on the active CEO Podcast.

Resources Mentioned in this show:

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Alison Hill
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Craig Johns
Craig Johns
Craig Johns LinkedIn

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