Book - More Than Winning

By Ben Gathercole

AUD $50 plus postage – personally signed hard copy (ebook available soon)

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Launched at the end of 2012, Ben Gathercole’s book “Better Than Winning” has been a run a way seller. Ben and Simon are very proud of readers response to their story – their journey. In fact, Ben is currently in talks regarding a reprint and further writing projects.

This is the inspired story of renowned coach Ben Gathercole and the triumphs and trials, both personal and public, in his Olympic journey – and beyond, with triathlete Simon Thompson. Coaching was in Ben’s blood. His father, Terry, was an Olympic medallist and three-time Australian Olympic swimming coach.

A coach of both age group world champions and the elite, Ben takes you to the very core of an Olympic ambition he shared with Simon. Their story is inspiring and motivational, a remarkably revealing look at the extreme emotions and commitment in pursuit of an Olympic dream. More than that are the lessons learned along the way which Ben has chosen to share with us.

This excerpt from Gathercole might tell it all:

“Etched in my mind forever, that camera flash moment in time, when my friend and best mate, Simon Thompson, crossed the finish line in 10th place at the 2004 Athens Olympics. Torn, bloody, battered, bruised, saturated, exhausted and totally spent from his monumental effort, I had never felt such a mix of powerful emotions, all culminating in a sense of pride I’d never felt before.This story is NOT all about winning. In so many ways for Ben and Simon, it was Better Than Winning.”

Simon Thompson – Olympian

“I chased a dream and it was gut wrenching and also incredible. It has defined me, shaped me as a person and given me a strength I could never have imagined. A professional sportsman needs to know how to win and how to lose. No coach wants to teach you how to lose but the great ones will always make sure the loss is bearable. Triathlon might be an individual sport, but it taught me about teamwork and true friendship. I was never lonely and never alone despite competing in an individual sport. I had a coach and friend who taught me how to focus, to shut out distractions and to be completely in the moment when the magic happened. I like to think I taught Ben something too. “

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