active CEO Podcast 129 Craig Johns Establish Diverse Professional Relationships

active CEO Podcast #129 Establish Diverse Professional Relationships

active CEO Podcast 129 Craig Johns Establish Diverse Professional Relationships

Establish diverse professional RELATIONSHIPS that are supportive, enjoyable & dependable.

Diversity in leadership and teams is most spoken about as of gender or race. I believe that the some of the most profound diversity we experience in life is related to the diversity of thought. This allows the greatest opportunity for innovation and high performing teams to occur.

Establish diverse professional relationships is all about creating an environment that encourages diversity of thought, diversity of perspective, diversity of opinion.

To create a diversity of thought you need to surround yourself with people who have diverse experiences. Differences in learning styles, industries, race, gender, socioeconomic backgrounds and influences. None of the differences are more potent than the other. It is the collective diversity that matters.

By bringing together people who come from different perspectives at the table, the solutions that we bring to our clients, the way we interact, and the relationships we build with our clients and ourselves are going to distinguish ourselves from our competitors. 

It is important that you create an environment were people maintain their individuality, rather than groupthink, which can occur when we surround ourselves with like minded people. You want people who look through different lenses, listen through different ears and speak with different voices.

3 Areas of diversity that provide greater organizational performance:

  1. Intentional recruitment of diverse employees;
  2. Develop diverse integrative programs rather than diversity programs; and
  3. Create an environment where diversity of thought, perspective and opinion is rewarded.

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active CEO Podcast Deepthi Bopaiah India's Next olympic Gold GoSports Foundation

active CEO Podcast #69 Deepthi Bopaiah India’s Next Olympic Gold

active CEO Podcast Deepthi Bopaiah India's Next olympic Gold GoSports Foundation
Deepthi Bopaiah – CEO GoSports Foundation

On this episode of the active CEO Podcast, Craig Johns speaks with Deepthi Bopaiah about finding India’s next Olympic Gold Medal, having impact and creating influential change, and transitioning from HSBC to GoSport Foundation. We also dive into the power of India mandating Corporate Social Responsibility, be the change you wish to see, and how to put India consistently on the world sporting map.

This active CEO podcast episode was recorded live at the 2019 Mass Participation World Conference, at the Hilton Hotel, in Singapore.

Deepthi Bopaiah – India’s Next Olympic Gold

Deepthi Bopaiah is a highly determined and visionary young leader from India, who is making waves on the sub-continent with GoSports Foundation, creating an enriched sporting ecosystem, sport for all, and is determined to put India on the sporting map and win Olympic Gold Medals. She is an actor, travel junkie and dog lover, who managed to sweet-talk her way into the Rio Paralympic Games village, and was a fine athlete in her own right, representing Karnataka State in Basketball and Tennis.

She has a Bachelor of Commerce from Mont Carmel College and a MBA Finance & Marketing Symbiosis Institute of Management Studies. Her career has included Assistant Manager, Assistant Vice President Training & Development and Vice President of HSBC in Bangalore. Since 2012, She started out working at GoSports Foundation as a Communications Director and Marketing Director, and since 2016, is the Executive Director.

Deepthi talks about:

  • Growing up in Bangalore and living in a country of 1.3 Billion people.
  • Having a dream that has impact, where you could influence change.
  • Why Steffi Graf was her role model as a child.
  • The rise of the female athlete in India and sport teaching you life lessons.
  • Taking the initiative to approach Walt Disney India for an internship
  • The biggest lesson learnt while working at HSBC.
  • You can only get people to invest if they see that you are doing it.
  • The catalyst and focus for GoSport Foundation
  • Rahul Dravid mentoring program to help athletes transitioning to elite level.
  • Pullela Gopichand focuses on coaching eco-system model.
  • India’s Next Olympic Gold
  • Breaking the logic of India and women in sport in India.
  • India’s challenges to finding the next Indian Olympic and Paralympic Gold Medalist.
  • Corporate India embracing Sport in their CSR programs.
  • The participation catalyst of four medals at the 2016 Rio Paralympic Games.
  • Fit India movement and people talking about being more healthy.
  • The value of collaborative leadership.
  • How tennis, pilates and chanting help her bring her A-Game.
  • If you want to get fit do a 10k, if you want to change your life do a marathon.

Active CEO Performance Tip

CEO Companionship – CEO loneliness is a real problem affecting our society. Have you ever felt lonely, isolated and there is no one you can speak to, as a leader? Well, you are not alone! Harvard Business Review reported that 61% of CEO’s feel that loneliness hinders their job performance. The higher you move up the ladder the greater the responsibility, pressure to deliver results, expectation to remain calm and the level of confidentiality, increases. Here are 4 Ways To Overcome CEO Loneliness: Build a Team of Mentors, Create Work-Life Integration, Join a Support Group and Embrace the Inclusivity of Courage and Vulnerability. Take the time to reflect and then recognize how the 4 Ways To Overcome CEO Loneliness can you help you rise up and become a better leader in 2020.  


“You can only get people to invest if they see that you are doing it.” Talking about change and leadership with Deepthi Bopaiah, on the active CEO Podcast.

“When you support a young athlete you support one of them, where f you support a coach you can support a hundred athletes through that one sport.” Deepthi Bopaiah talks about Pullela Gopichand, India National Badminton Coach, approach to coach ecosystems, on the active CEO Podcast.

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Go Sports Foundation India
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