active CEO Podcast #125 Creat Direction And Meaning

active CEO Podcast 125 Craig Johns Create Direction & Meaning

Create Direction & Meaning

Why is it important to create DIRECTION & meaning through SHARED mission, vision, values & beliefs? Not setting direction can easily lead to conflict, apathy and poor productivity within your team or organisation.

To set a great direction, you must be able to set a course toward a destination that others will recognize as representing real progress for everyone involved.

Setting direction helps:

  1. Hold people accountable as the team has no doubt what they need to achieve.
  2. Clarify Priorities & reduces busy work, so people can start to focus their attention and effort towards achieving the direction.
  3. Motivate your team by giving them purpose and a “reason for being”.

Essential components that Create Direction includes:

  1. Being developed collaboratively.
  2. Brings them along the journey providing a clearly understood why and significance.
  3. Is specific, limits interpretation and everyone knows when you have arrived at the destination
  4. Is time-bound as deadlines equal pressure, which enable set priorities, managing workload and negotiate competing priorities
  5. Acknowledges uncertainty and remove the idea of perfection

MEANING – what is the significance of what we are collectively doing

SHARED MISSION – reason for pursuing the focus

SHARE VISION – your future focus of “our vision” or “the team’s vision.”

SHARED VALUES & BELIEFS – What you believe in and how you behave

Breaking The CEO Code Framework All

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