active CEO Podcast #126 Donna-Leigh Perfect Double Dose Of Dopamine

active CEO Podcast Donna-Leigh Perfect Double Dose Of Dopamine

Double Dose Of Dopamine

On this episode of the active CEO Podcast, Craig Johns speaks with Donna-Leigh Perfect about the double dose of dopamine, PEACE tools, lifting your mindset through physical exercise, and The Resilient Rockstar show.

We also speak about winning the Golden Shares Award, having a passion to curb childhood obesity, DREAMGUARDS program and how she overcame seeing her mother being murdered.

Donna-Leigh Perfect – Double Dose Of Dopamine

Donna-Leigh Perfect is an entertainer, international speaker, author and resilience expect who is changing lives after overcoming an abusive childhood where she lived in 13 foster homes and went to 13 schools. She is an Inspiring, Vibrant, Energetic and Life-Changing speaker who is the founder of happy home-workouts.

Her education includes a Diploma in Sales management and Marketing from the Auckland University of Technology in New Zealand, a certificate 4 in Personal Training and is currently completing an NLP /Time Line Therapy course eat Minds Tomorrow. She is passionate about curbing domestic violence, through her P.E.A.C.E tools, which transform lives daily through her Resilient Rockstar live stage show and Resilient P.E.A.C.E Program, As a Lifeline Suicide Prevention Counselor and expert on Resilience.

Donna-Leigh talks about:

  • Double dose of dopamine.
  • Take life a little less seriously.
  • The Resilient Rockstar Show.
  • Lifting your mindset through physical exercise.
  • Happy home workouts on YouTube at the beginning of COVID-19.
  • Reading children’s stories with rescue dog Rocky Rockstar.
  • Watched her mum being murdered by her father.
  • Having no stability with 14 foster homes and schools.
  • Becoming a lifeline counsellor volunteer.
  • Setting up an Australian textile company from scratch to a million dollar turnover.
  • Becoming a personal trainer because she loves fitness.
  • Dream Guards Perfect P.E.A.C.E Program.
  • Escape the situation and trust your instincts.Living a real life of passion and purpose.
  • Being your quirky, friendly vulnerable self.


Resources Mentioned in this show:

Donna-Leigh Perfect
Dream Guards
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Craig Johns
Craig Johns
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Recommended Reading:

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The Adventures of Jessie and Rocky Rockstar Book

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