active CEO Podcast #129 Establish Diverse Professional Relationships

active CEO Podcast 129 Craig Johns Establish Diverse Professional Relationships

Establish diverse professional RELATIONSHIPS that are supportive, enjoyable & dependable.

Diversity in leadership and teams is most spoken about as of gender or race. I believe that the some of the most profound diversity we experience in life is related to the diversity of thought. This allows the greatest opportunity for innovation and high performing teams to occur.

Establish diverse professional relationships is all about creating an environment that encourages diversity of thought, diversity of perspective, diversity of opinion.

To create a diversity of thought you need to surround yourself with people who have diverse experiences. Differences in learning styles, industries, race, gender, socioeconomic backgrounds and influences. None of the differences are more potent than the other. It is the collective diversity that matters.

By bringing together people who come from different perspectives at the table, the solutions that we bring to our clients, the way we interact, and the relationships we build with our clients and ourselves are going to distinguish ourselves from our competitors. 

It is important that you create an environment were people maintain their individuality, rather than groupthink, which can occur when we surround ourselves with like minded people. You want people who look through different lenses, listen through different ears and speak with different voices.

3 Areas of diversity that provide greater organizational performance:

  1. Intentional recruitment of diverse employees;
  2. Develop diverse integrative programs rather than diversity programs; and
  3. Create an environment where diversity of thought, perspective and opinion is rewarded.

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