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Phase 5 TEAM – 10 Elements of Leading High Performing Teams

Learn the 10 Elements of Leading High Performing Teams. The first four phases of Breaking The CEO Code focus on first leading yourself (phases 1-3) and secondly being a high performing leader (phase 4). To be able to lead high performing teams, the first four phases are critical as a team, organisation or community culture are only as good as the behaviours the key influencer is modeling.

The 10 Elements of Leading High Performing Teams

Breaking The CEO Code Craig Johns Phase 5 TEAM - 10 Elements of Leading High Performing Teams

Leading high performing teams requires:

  1. Create DIRECTION & meaning through shared mission, vision, values & beliefs;
  2. Develop clear ROLES & responsibilities to build team culture;
  3. Establish diverse professional RELATIONSHIPS that are supportive, enjoyable & dependable;
  4. Provide a collaborative LEADERSHIP style through consistent influence & direction;
  5. Foster GROWTH through creative risk-taking, problem-solving & information sharing;
  6. Promote REWARD, recognition & reflection strategies to ensure accountability;
  7. Clarify PROCESS & structure to enable commitment & method of cooperation;
  8. Build TRUST & resilience through healthy confrontation in a safe psychological space;
  9. Enable IMPACT through clear outcomes & team performance goals; &
  10. Create a safe psychological space for vulnerability & open honest COMMUNICATION.
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Want To Learn More?

Check out the newly Breaking The CEO Code whitepaper. It provides an overview of Breaking The CEO Code and showcases the 6 key phases. We also go a little deeper into the 2nd phase PERFORMANCE, where we discuss the 3 P’s of the Leadership Performance Formula.

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