active CEO Podcast #124 Shane Quinnell Leaders Glide To Soar

active CEO Podcast Leaders Glide To Soar Shane Quinnell

Leaders Glide To Soar

On this episode of the active CEO Podcast, Craig Johns speaks with Shane Quinnell about Leaders Glide To Soar, trekking through Columbia, rafting for 8 days down the Amazon, falling into a death spiral, and inspiring people and sustainability.

We also delve into exploring Africa, not knowing if he could walk again, shifting mindsets, what is success and finding fulfilment.

Shane Quinnell – Leaders Glide To Soar

Shane Quinnell is an explorer, speaker and renewable energy developer who danced with death, and is driven by a passion to improve our society and maintain our environment for today’s generations and more importantly for our children. He is a man who defies gravity, who has a curiosity that spans the horizon and is inspiring people to glide to soar.

He has a Bachelor of Engineering (Hons) Mechanical Engineering from the University of Queensland, and has lived the University of Life as he steps outside the bounds of what people consider as living a normal life. A career in mechanical engineering has included roles at Arup, Parsons Brinckerhoff, New Britain Palm Oil Ltd, Sedgman Limited, Windlab, E.ON, WK-Windcurrent and Akuo Energy.

Shane talks about:

  • Waterskiing in crocodile infested canals
  • Leaning towards leadership
  • Impact you have on a group to inspire and achieve
  • Help inspire people and sustainability
  • Sending an airport into lockdown as a kid In Richards Bay
  • Having a fixation about flying, eagles and birds
  • Deciding to become an engineer
  • Walk up mountains, take up a paraglider with me fly off the top
  • Riding 15,000km in South America
  • Learning to paraglide in Columbia ins Spanish
  • Moments where I have touched the clouds
  • Leaders Glide To Soar
  • Having his paraglider wing implode and going into a death spiral
  • Intense sensation smashes me like a freight train
  • Having two broken legs and back
  • All I wanted at that time was to have a second chance
  • Being broken to standing on top of Africa’s five highest mountains
  • There is an exciting world right outside your front door


“Really intense discomfort radiating from my back. I knew my body, it was broken and wanting to put it back together. I had a feeling of discomfort that you want to run away from, but couldn’t. My mind was saying don’t move, but body was saying move.” Shane Quinnell talks about leaders glide to soar, on the active CEO Podcast.

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Craig Johns
Craig Johns
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