Inspiring Great Leaders Podcast #161 Dr Jo Brown Performance State Of Mind

Inspiring Great Leaders Podcast #161 Dr Jo Brown Performance State Of Mind

Inspiring Great Leaders Podcast #161 Dr Jo Brown Performance State Of Mind


On this episode of the Inspiring Great Leaders Podcast, Craig Johns speaks with Dr Jo Brown about performance state of mind, high performance, power of belief and holding space, Cool Runnings and being unstoppable.  

We also delve into what separates the great athletes from the other elite high performers, driven by giving back, having an exit strategy, dealing with doubt, selecting the people around you and internal moments of precision.  

Dr Jo Brown – Performance State Of Mind 

Dr Jo Brown lives and breathes high performance, is a Performance Coach & Consultant and Sports Physiotherapist, knows what goes on in elite performers minds and thrives on the power of self-belief. Her natural genius is in helping people find the right performance state especially just before they are about to go out and perform.  

She is the founder of Purpose2perform, The Sports Physico and Performance State with over 20 years’ experience working with elite athletes such as Jamaican Olympic sprinter Yohan Blake, the Australian Beach Volleyball team, Grand Slam tennis players, the Australian Swimming team and even the Jamaican Bobsled team.  

Jo talks about 

  • Are you going to react or respond in the moment?  
  • Wanting to be an Olympian. 
  • In built drive and self-belief. 
  • Not seeing cultural differences. 
  • What separates the great athletes from the other elite high performers. 
  • Relentless without being ruthless and reckless. 
  • Performance state of mind.
  • True high performers can do it more than once. 
  • Humans first, Olympians second.  
  • Have greater belief than the fear itself. 
  • Different capacity to control their own internal pressure switches. 
  • Instinct is a result of the work you have done before.  
  • True high performers have an exit strategy 
  • Helping athletes through the transition out of sport. 
  • Quarantine. 
  • Doing everything it takes for the team to succeed. 
  • Taking the jump to be full focused in high performance 
  • Nelson Christian Stokes “The Real Cool Runnings story” 
  • Performance is a choice, dream big and then take a first step 


“How do you walk away from being great for a chance at being unstoppable?”.  Talking with Dr Jo Brown about Performance State of Mind, on the Inspiring Great Leaders Podcast.  

“Absolute clarity around who they are, who they want to interact with, what they want to achieve and they are just unstoppable in the pursuit of that. So meticulous in the process and planning. Capacity to execute no matter what happens. They tend to be very good at picking the people around them. The people in their corner.” Dr Jo Brown discusses a high performer, on the Inspiring Great leaders Podcast.  

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Dr Jo Brown Linkedin 
Dr Jo Brown Instagram 
The Sports Physi-Co 
Speakers Institute Corporate 
Inspiring Great Leaders Podcast
Craig Johns 
Craig Johns 
Craig Johns LinkedIn 

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active CEO Podcast #102 Scott Leggo An Eye For Detail

active CEO Podcast #102 Scott Leggo An Eye For Detail

active CEO Podcast #102 Scott Leggo An Eye For Detail Craig Johns Breaking The CEO Code
Scott Leggo – Founder Scott Leggo Gallery

On this episode of the active CEO Podcast, Craig Johns speaks with Scott Leggo about an eye for detail, lessons from the back seat of an F18 Hornet in the Royal Australian Air Force, dealing with imposter syndrome with some of the world’s top CEO’s and leaders, and stepping back to gain perspective.

We also talk about finding a period of evaluation and internal retrospection, why he became a landscape photographer and opening Scott Leggo Gallery, importance of a personal debrief, and why he is giving back through the Canberra Business Chamber.

Scott Leggo – An Eye For Detail

Scott Leggo is a passionate leader, management consultant and trusted business adviser who has an affinity for the outdoors, has an eye for detail, thrives in leading strategy and teams, and giving back to the business community .He is a former Australian diplomat, who is a meticulous planner, travel extraordinaire and loves optimising performance, Scott Leggo.

His education includes a Graduate Diploma International Relations from Deakin University, Bachelor of Arts, Politics, Information Systems from the University of NSW, and Advanced Diploma Personnel & Operations Management, Diploma Government (Management), Advanced Diploma Administration from the Royal Australian Air Force College.

After spending 9 years as an officer in the Royal Australian Air Force he went onto being Executive Officer of the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs & Trade, Senior Manager – Strategy& (Formerly Booz & Company) & PwC, and Principle Head of Strategy of the Helmsman International Group. He now has turned his focus to his multi-award-winning Australian landscape photography business as Managing Director of Scott Leggo Gallery, and has recently become a Director of the Canberra Business Chamber.

Scott talks about:

  • Having a spirit for adventure and the great outdoors.
  • Being a cadet in charge of 170 people in the Royal Australian Air Force Academy.
  • Becoming the subject matter expert in instructor on weapons and tactics.
  • Get respect, then build trust and you can have impact from there.
  • Lessons from sitting in the backseat of an F18 hornet.
  • Pushing the boundaries and put people into uncomfortable positions.
  • Task saturation and having the extra capacity for brain to deal with it.
  • Working on Defence and National security related issues in South East Asia.
  • As leaders we can forget some of the foundations we have.
  • Everyone has self-doubt and self-critique, have to make sure I deliver value and step up.
  • Keep it simple and realising what you say no to and having the discipline to palm off distractions.
  • Some of the highest performing CEO’s are those who have structure and routine.
  • Wouldn’t it be awesome if you just travelled around Australia taking landscape photography?
  • Having an eye for detail.
  • Ultimate point in life where you realise you have something to offer other people.
  • How do we create the world to be a more sustainable place?

Active CEO Performance Tip

People Support What They Create – How often do you come up with a great idea, share it with your team, they agree, but they quickly lose interest?People will support what they create. If they aren’t involved in the development of a project, strategy or even a hire, then there is very little emotional connection to it and less likely to find the motivation to make it happen. Here are 3 ways to get employee or stakeholder buy in:1. Involve your team early, during the creation of an idea, project or strategy. 2. Position the idea so that it feels like your team came up with it. 3. Invite the team to determine the best way to solve a problem and deliver the outcome.


“Encourage everyone no matter where they are in their life. How can they improve their performance and the performance of those around them.” Scott Leggo talks about performance, on the active CEO Podcast.

“Step back from this, take a break, change the setting and come back to it. Sometimes you do have to step away or have outside perspective on it.” Scott Leggo an eye for detail, on the active CEO Podcast.

“Some of the biggest companies in the world are as big as they are and as successful as they are because they have managed to go through that process and distill it down to just a couple of core capabilities that they are truly going to differentiate on and excel at and are not going to get distracted by all these other little popups.” Discussing the importance of simplicity with Scott Leggo, on the active CEO Podcast.

Resources Mentioned in this show:

Scott Leggo
Scott Leggo LinkedIn
Scott Leggo Gallery Facebook
Scott Leggo Gallery Instagram
Scott Leggo Twitter
Scott Leggo Instagram
Craig Johns
Craig Johns
Craig Johns LinkedIn

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