Inspiring Great Leaders Podcast #161 Dr Jo Brown Performance State Of Mind

Inspiring Great Leaders Podcast #161 Dr Jo Brown Performance State Of Mind

Inspiring Great Leaders Podcast #161 Dr Jo Brown Performance State Of Mind


On this episode of the Inspiring Great Leaders Podcast, Craig Johns speaks with Dr Jo Brown about performance state of mind, high performance, power of belief and holding space, Cool Runnings and being unstoppable.  

We also delve into what separates the great athletes from the other elite high performers, driven by giving back, having an exit strategy, dealing with doubt, selecting the people around you and internal moments of precision.  

Dr Jo Brown – Performance State Of Mind 

Dr Jo Brown lives and breathes high performance, is a Performance Coach & Consultant and Sports Physiotherapist, knows what goes on in elite performers minds and thrives on the power of self-belief. Her natural genius is in helping people find the right performance state especially just before they are about to go out and perform.  

She is the founder of Purpose2perform, The Sports Physico and Performance State with over 20 years’ experience working with elite athletes such as Jamaican Olympic sprinter Yohan Blake, the Australian Beach Volleyball team, Grand Slam tennis players, the Australian Swimming team and even the Jamaican Bobsled team.  

Jo talks about 

  • Are you going to react or respond in the moment?  
  • Wanting to be an Olympian. 
  • In built drive and self-belief. 
  • Not seeing cultural differences. 
  • What separates the great athletes from the other elite high performers. 
  • Relentless without being ruthless and reckless. 
  • Performance state of mind.
  • True high performers can do it more than once. 
  • Humans first, Olympians second.  
  • Have greater belief than the fear itself. 
  • Different capacity to control their own internal pressure switches. 
  • Instinct is a result of the work you have done before.  
  • True high performers have an exit strategy 
  • Helping athletes through the transition out of sport. 
  • Quarantine. 
  • Doing everything it takes for the team to succeed. 
  • Taking the jump to be full focused in high performance 
  • Nelson Christian Stokes “The Real Cool Runnings story” 
  • Performance is a choice, dream big and then take a first step 


“How do you walk away from being great for a chance at being unstoppable?”.  Talking with Dr Jo Brown about Performance State of Mind, on the Inspiring Great Leaders Podcast.  

“Absolute clarity around who they are, who they want to interact with, what they want to achieve and they are just unstoppable in the pursuit of that. So meticulous in the process and planning. Capacity to execute no matter what happens. They tend to be very good at picking the people around them. The people in their corner.” Dr Jo Brown discusses a high performer, on the Inspiring Great leaders Podcast.  

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