active CEO Podcast Steve Rodgers Overcoming The Indulgent Life Craig Johns

active CEO Podcast #136 Steve Rodgers Overcoming The Indulgent Life

active CEO Podcast Steve Rodgers Overcoming The Indulgent Life Craig Johns

Steve Rodgers Overcoming The Indulgent Life

On this episode of the active CEO Podcast, Craig Johns speaks with Steve Rodgers about overcoming the indulgent life, working for Warren Buffet, the power of inviting good in vs edging good out and everything in life is made up of energy.

We also delve into spiritual intelligence, energy shifts, quest for learning and what it takes to be a successful CEO.

Steve Rodgers – overcoming the indulgent life

Steve Rodgers is a former Warren Buffet CEO, former CEO of a real estate firm that turned over $25 Billion dollars in sales per year and is the writer of Amazon #1 best seller Lead to Gold and newly released The IGI Principles. He is a transformational C-Suite who helps executives and companies become more productive, garner more profit, experience more purpose and become a servant leadership minded individual.

His education has included studying at Indiana University Purdue, is as a certified Marshal Goldsmith Stakeholder Coach and has held volunteer roles at International Rotary, San Diego Blood Bank and the North San Diego county Chamber of Commerce. Stev’es career has included roles at Grubb & Ellis, First Capital, Prudential California Realty, Windermer Exclusive Properties, Centennial Escrow Company and Real Living real Estate. At present he is the Strategic Board Advisor at iAmLife and consulting and coaching firm The Alchemy Advisors.

Steve talks about

  • Overcoming the indulgent life


“Breaking through resistance, is the price you pay, for the dream you say you want.” The inertia of dreams, with Steve Rodgers, on the active CEO Podcast.

“I realized fear was holding me back. My own ego-driven excuses were preventing me from pursuing my bliss.” Steve Rodgers talks about Stephen Pressfield’s  the war of art, on the active CEO Podcast.

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Steve Rodgers
The Alchemy Advisors
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Craig Johns
Craig Johns
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