Liz Volpe Dare to Dream active CEO Podcast Ambisie

active CEO Podcast #67 Liz Volpe Dare To Dream

Liz Volpe Dare to Dream active CEO Podcast Ambisie
Liz Volpe – Founder Ambisie

On this episode of the active CEO Podcast, Craig Johns speaks with Liz Volpe about Dare to Dream, inspirational stories through Ambisie, Imposter Syndrome and #give1hour. We also delve into the League of Extraordinary Women, being present and switching off, and how a pitch off competition reminded her of getting out of her comfort zone.

Liz Volpe – Dare to Dream

Liz Volpe is an incredible entrepreneur who dares to dream, connects & inspires women to bring out their extraordinary, and loves to inspire the next generation through a collection of stories worth sharing. She is a purpose driven leader, global change agent, proud mother of two, Latin dancer and is on a mission to educate a million disadvantaged youth by the year 2020.

Her education includes a BA Honours in Media Communication and Media Studies form the University of Leads. In her spare time she is a fundraising volunteer at The Australian Cambodia Foundation, Sunrise Cambodia. As an entrepreneur our special guest is a Director of Zest Possibilities, Co-Founder of The League of Extraordinary Women, Founder of Project Gen Z and most recently the Co-Founder of Ambisie.

Liz talks about:

  • Dare to Dream
  • Growing up in Rochdale, a small town in Northern England.
  • Having 30 jobs by the age of 21.
  • Being inspired by Australian TV show, Neighbours.
  • Learning who she was while studying Media and Communications.
  • Thriving on change and a challenge.
  • How a dream board propelled Zest Possibilities.
  • Imposter Syndrome still popping up into her head, once per week.
  • Co-Founding The League of Extraordinary Women, in 2012.
  • How a visit to Sunrise Cambodia led to Project Gen Z & Dare to Dream.
  • Vision to educate a million disadvantaged youth by the year 2020.
  • The catalyst to, her latest venture, Ambisie
  • #give1hour to help kids explore careers and tap into their passion.
  • Being a little bit crazy with huge ideas and somehow manage to pull them off.
  • “Tough times don’t last, but tough people do.”
  • Having strict rules and structure for health and wellness.
  • Go into meditation through dance and having a break just for me.
  • Entering a pitch off competition for investment.
  • Solving the problem of stress and mental health with young people.

Active CEO Performance Tip

Mental Toughness Is A Skill – We often hear the term Mental Toughness. What does it really mean? Mental toughness is a personality trait that determines how well we can consistently perform under stress and pressure. It is our ability to respond to challenge, stress and pressure, irrespective of the circumstances. A good way to describe mental toughness is our ability to keep going when the going gets tough.


“What can I do next, what can I develop and what can I try that will bring fear back to me, as fear is healthy.” Liz Volpe talks about getting out of her comfort zone, on the active CEO Podcast.

“A little bit crazy with huge ideas and somehow manage to pull off.” Discussing Liz Volpe’s leadership style, on the active CEO Podcast.

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CEO Periodization Craig Johns Beyond Business

Learn How To Use CEO Periodization – Beyond Business Interview

Watch a recent interview NRG2Perform’s CEO & Founder, Craig Johns, talk about CEO Periodization on Beyond Business.

Get ready to turn your business inside out and discover how high performance leadership is really created with Craig Johns from

In this episode, Craig flips burnout on it’s backside and shows us strategies to get CEO, leaders and entrepreneurs to lift themselves to the the topside, perform at their peak and maintain performance at high levels for long periods of time.

Bringing his knowledge, skills and experience of high performance in elite sports and coaching, Craig delivers some great insight into what it takes to perform with purpose, recover with purpose and live with purpose.

If you prefer to listen versus watch, then check out the interview on the The Beyond Business Show Podcast Link

active CEO Podcast Major General Cheryl Pearce (United Nations) Leading From The Front Lines

active CEO Podcast #50 Major General Cheryl Pearce Leading From The Front Lines

Major General Cheryl Pearce – Forces Commander United Nations Peacekeeping Force

On this episode of the active CEO Podcast, Craig Johns speaks with Major General Cheryl Pearce about leading from the front lines, being an authentic leader, serving your country, managing workplace wellness, empowering a sense of purpose, and creating high performance teams. We also delve into her leadership roles at the Australian Defence Force and with the United Nations; creating a safe and inclusive environment to work in; completing the New York Marathon; and getting out of her comfort zone.

Major General Cheryl Pearce

Cheryl Pearce is an authentic leader, dedicated servant for global peace, change agent in cultural and gender diversity, and game-changer in the world of Defence. She is a next generational leader who is New York Marathon finisher, proud mum of two daughters, and Member of Order of Australia for Exceptional Leadership.

Her education includes a Bachelor of Arts in Asian Studies from the University of New England, a Master’s in Policing, Intelligence and Counter-Terrorism from the Macquarie University in Sydney, and a Master’s of Arts in Defence Studies from the Deakin University in Melbourne.

Over the past 35 years she has risen through the ranks of the Australian Defence Force, starting off as an Officer Cadet when there were only a few females. Cheryl’s career has included: Australian Army’s Provost-Marshal and a military observer with the United Nations Mission of Support in East Timor in 2002; Commandant of the Defence Police Training Centre and Commanding Officer of the 1st Military Police Battalion; Director of Special Operations Support; Australian Army Headquarters Chief of Staff; and the Commander Commandant Australian Defence Force Academy.

In 2016, Cheryl was the Commander of the Australian Joint Task Force Group in Afghanistan providing training, advice and assistance to the Afghan National Defence and Security Forces as part of the Resolute Support Mission of The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). Her most recent role sees her as only the second ever female appointed by the United Nations to lead a peacekeeping mission, as the Forces Commander – United Nations Peacekeeping Force based in Cyprus.

Cheryl talks about:

  • The shock of capture when joining the Australian Army.
  • Working day-by-day and focusing on chunk size bites at a time.
  • The internal motivation of serving your country and be much more than your individual self.
  • Managing competing priorities as a leader and having a young family.
  • Having an army behind the scenes.
  • Gaining the confidence to be that authentic self and have an intuitive leadership style.
  • Being sensitive to perfectionism and judgement.
  • Leading from the front lines
  • Why exercise is my stress release and my safe space.
  • The importance of listening to what other people have to say and not transmit our own ideas.
  • The Cultural shift in inclusion and behaviour within the Australian Defence Force.
  • Her role as the Forces Commander – United Nations Peacekeeping Force based in Cyprus.
  • Speaking in front of the UN Security Council.
  • How health has taken on a broader aspect from mind and body.
  • Completing the New York Marathon after her partner, Paul, went through lifesaving cancer surgery.

Active CEO Wellness Tip

Recover With Purpose – To ensure that you deliver high performance every single day, you need to recover with purpose and have productive downtime. It could be doing exercise, creative pursuits, quality time with family, meditation, listening to music or watching a movie.


“Internal narrative that keeps churning, it is ok to be imperfect. To be perfect, the authenticity is not there. It’s ok not to be perfect.” Major General Cheryl Pearce speaks about the challenges of perfectionism, on the active CEO Podcast.

“Doing what I do, my heart rate races when I de-escalate and have difficult conversations with my opposing forces when I try to get messages a across or deal with stressful moments. I find that is sufficient adrenaline to test me all the time.” Doing something for the first time with Major General Cheryl Pearce, on the active CEO Podcast.

“I know it when I can be in the moment, I am performing really well at work, I am visionary, I can really focus on where we are going and know what my big rocks are and where they are going, while dealing with the small and actionary issues and listening.” In the moment with Major General Cheryl Pearce, on the active CEO Podcast.

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Craig Johns
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Natalia Cohen (Losing Sight of Shore) – Embracing the Unknown Presents Endless Opportunities

active CEO Podcast #23 Natalia Cohen Embracing The Unknown Presents Endless Opportunities

Natalia Cohen – Losing Sight of Shore

On this episode of the active CEO Podcast, Craig Johns has a conversation with Natalia Cohen about choosing how we feel, what it takes to row across the Pacific Ocean, lessons taken from overcoming major challenges and embracing the uncomfortable. We discuss strategies on how to minimise conflict, the power of the mind and what it takes to achieve your dreams and goals.


Natalia Cohen is an incredibly resilient, tenacious, ground-breaking and pioneering lady, who has defined logic by purposefully losing sight of shore.

When most people are looking for a goal to challenge themselves physically, mentally and spiritually, they decide to run a marathon, do a triathlon or visit a new country, not this young lady, she decided to row across the Pacific Ocean from San Francisco to Cairns with 3 (plus 2 who would join later in the adventure) other people she did not know. Yes you heard that right! That’s 257 days or 9 months at sea, covering 8759 nautical miles with a stopover at Honolulu, Hawaii and Apia, Samoa.

Known forher nomadic approach to life, she has now lived in 60 countries, working in thetravel and tourism industries. From Tanzania to Peru, she has seen the world,but nothing like the beauty, power, isolation and serenity of the vastness ofthe Pacific Ocean.

She is now a known inspirational speaker, workshop facilitator and mindset coach continuing to travel the world and sharing her insights, Through the Eye of the Nomad.

Losing Site of Shore

Natalia talks about:

  • Having supportive parents who encouraged her toexplore her passions and do things she love.
  • Our mind can control almost anything in our lives.
  • First taste of ultimate freedom, travelling to aplace all on her own, to the other side of the world where if I liked a place Istayed, if I didn’t like the place, I left.
  • Her mother being the catalyst to being a global tourleader.
  • The opportunity that something incredible mighthappen that day
  • Learning a lot of her life skills through being partof the travel industry.
  • Being thrown into situations where you are immersedin very different cultures, languages, the unknown, being surrounded by a lotof alien situations.
  • Learning to appreciate that a lot of things in lifeare out of our control, and we can only control the controllable.
  • When you deal with challenges, you learn and grow.
  • Seeing the advert with Laura looking for team matesto row across the pacific.
  • The recruitment process including interviews with sportpsychologist, Keith Goddard and completing SAS type drills.
  • The last thing we wanted was four women on a pinkboat being rescued.
  • Doing sea-survival skills, capsize drills, 24hrpractice rows, and strict strength and conditioning programs.
  • It was 90% mental training that we needed to havefor the expedition.
  • We had to get to know each other inside out. Weshared our hopes and our fears.
  • Entering and about to embrace the unknown in anextreme way possible.
  • We just rowed off into the darkness.
  • The first ten days were probably the mostchallenging.
  • We all had our own mental demons that we had tobattle.
  • Making light of the situations out there and makethe girls smile and laugh.
  • The most powerful thing out there is that we havethe ability to choose how we feel.
  • Trust and respect were something that I think reallyhelped us cross the ocean.
  • What holds people back from achieving the life anddreams that they really desire.
  • The ability to look for the positive, even if justonce a day. Stop and reflect each day

ActiveCEO Wellness Tip                                                

Kick Start Your Day – Doyou feel exhausted, tired and like you have no time for exercise at the end ofthe day? Try developing a morning fitness routine when you first wake. Byexercising at the crack of dawn you increase metabolism, avoid unwanteddistractions, promote endorphins in the brain to enhance your mood, increasemental capacity, improve blood flow, support productivity and have a sense ofaccomplishment. 


“The 6 people who came to the project didn’t know eachother. They were very different people with different backgrounds and diversepersonality types. The learning how to work together and how to bring out thebest in each other. Understanding what brought out the worst in us. That was ahuge part of the project. They got very used to giving each other constructivefeedback, because out on the boat in the middle of nowhere, there is nowhere torun and nowhere to hide. ” Building a strong team with Natalia Cohen on theactive CEO Podcast.

“Quite often in life you do have to start again. Youdo have to go back to the drawing board, whether it be in your business orpersonal life.” Natalia Cohen on dealing with adversity on the active CEOPodcast.

“We may have crossed our literal pacific, we believethat every has their Pacific to cross and their challenges to face.” NataliaCohen inspiring you to achieve your challenges on the active CEO Podcast.

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