active CEO Podcast #144 Bo Brabo White House Leadership Values

active CEO Podcast 144 Bo Brabo White House Leadership Values

On this episode of the active CEO Podcast, Craig Johns speaks with Bo Brabo about White House Leadership Values, Zero Defect environment, leading communication teams for US President George W Bush and Barak Obama, and Presidential Quality.

We also discuss building systems and leading people within, values based leadership, constant and never ending improvement, and his new book Battlefield to the White House to The Boardroom.

Bo Brabo – White House Leadership Values

Bo is a former Presidential Communications Officer for President George W. Bush and President Barack Obama, who served with the US Army in Iraq, is an executive leadership coach, and the author of the book “From the Battlefield, to the White House, to the Boardroom. Known as a consummate professional, Bo is regarded for his servant and pragmatic leadership, is an inspirational keynote speaker, and believes values drives results.

His education includes an Associate of Science in Aviation Business Administration from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Strayer University and an MBA from the University of Michigan. He has held Director roles in Human Resources with the US Army, Whitehouse Communications Agency, SimVentions, Permuta Technologies, Advantia Health and National Spine and Pain Centres. As an entrepreneur he has founded Brabo West Inc., Hail Media Group Ltd and the Bo and Luke Show Podcast.

Bo talks about:

  • Learn to follow so you can show empathy for those you lead.
  • Supporting a community of 16,000 people overseas.
  • Leading in crisis while in the Iraq combat zone.
  • White House Leadership Values.
  • The reintegration process from Iraq to USA being similar to returning to office after COVID.
  • Prep the battlefield to ensure you exercise, hydrate and eat well
  • Redeployment of athletes, musicians and pilots during COVID
  • Leading communication teams for US President George W Bush and Barak Obama
  • Trust people on the team to get the job done.
  • Modified plan of attack, be ready and agile.
  • Differences in leadership between Presidents George W Bush and Barak Obama
  • Influence, persuade and mobilise followers
  • Get people of different opinions to talk about why they believe a certain way.
  • Culture is a result of Behaviours + Time X number of People in the organisation.
  • Why values matter and drive results.
  • Brabo Centre Of Excellence opening in January 2021.
  • How do I change the tides and turn the HR professionals into leaders?


“Are you creating that playbook for the next time it comes?” Bo Brabo talks about the importance of debriefs and the after action review, on the active CEO Podcast.

“Culture is an outcome. It is a result of… Behaviours plus Time multiplied by Everyone in the organisation. That is your culture.” Bo Brabo showcases a simple culture formula, on the active CEO Podcast.

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Craig Johns
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Recommended Reading:

BOOK – From the battlefield to the whitehouse to the boardroom Robert “Bo” Brabo

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