active CEO Podcast #149 Jaemin Frazer Unhindered Leadership Craig Johns

active CEO Podcast #149 Jaemin Frazer Unhindered Leadership

active CEO Podcast #149 Jaemin Frazer Unhindered Leadership Craig Johns

On this episode of the active CEO Podcast, Craig Johns speaks with Jaemin Frazer unhindered leadership, the impact of overcoming insecurities on performance and the 7 essential practices of overcoming insecurities.

We also dive into removing empathy as a coach, trust the process, what we can learn from Jacinda Ardern as a secure leader and the impact Tim Ferriss has had on his approach to life.

Jaemin Frazer – Unhindered Leadership

Jaemin is the Author of Unhindered, TEDx speaker, former church pastor turned life coach and founder of the Insecurity Project. He loves helping entrepreneurs, leaders and business owners solve their insecurity problem, the voice behind the “One Minute Coach” radio segment in Australia, and host of the Insecurity Project Podcast.

His education includes a Bachelor of Theology  from ACOM, Bachelor of Theology and Post Grad Certificate in Leadership from the University of Sydney and has a Diploma of Life Coaching from The Coaching Institute. Jaemin’s career has included being a senior partner in Frazer Holmes Coaching and is currently the owner of Jaemin Frazer and Associates and The Insecurity Project.

Jaemin talks about

  • Insecurity to uncover a life of working with people to uncover their insecurities.
  • Observing people and a curiosity about why they were falling back into their safe space.
  • The great challenge of every coach is not to confuse the world about who the hero is.
  • Why we need to know that we matter.
  • How can people identify their root cause of insecurity?
  • Why children are sense-making creatures.
  • Show your children that you yourself have found your own insecurities and overcome them.
  • The Insecurity project podcast.
  • Unhindered Leadership.
  • The 7 essential practices of overcoming insecurities.
  • Trust the process, the way out of fear is into a framework or a process.
  • Insecurity is just another problem is something that has already been solved.
  • Why former US President Donald Trump is an insecure leadership.
  • “You need less than you think you do.”


“Imagine you are having a conversation with someone who is telling a sad story and then you start feeling emotion hearing their sad story.  Where is your attention at that moment?” Talking about Unhindered leadership with Jaemin Frazer, on the active CEO Podcast.

“If I am getting emotion while listening to their story, I have lost the space I need to be in as a coach.” Why you need to remove empathy while coaching someone with Jaemin Frazer, on the active CEO Podcast.

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