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active CEO Podcast #56 Diana Rau Board Of Mentors

Diana Rau – Founder Veterati

On this episode of the active CEO Podcast, Craig Johns speaks with Diana Rau about Board Of Mentors, the remarkable backstory of Veterati, her better every day framework and striving for high performance. We also talk about lessons learnt at Georgetown University, her grand entry into the American Chamber of Commerce and how her time as VP of Growth and Innovation at Double Dutch was a game-changer for her husband Daniel Rau.

Diana Rau – Board of Mentors

Diana Rau is a young, creative and powerful leader who was named in the Forbes 30 under 30 Social Impact Entrepreneur and Top 25 Military Influencers in 2018. She is a game changer for Defence veterans, an innovation leader who is dedicated to solving social challenges and a connector who loves building tribes.

Living in New York, her education has included a BA International Political Economy and International Business Diplomacy at Georgetown University. Diana began her career as a journalist for the American Chamber of Commerce before taking on roles as CEO of BUNDSHOP, Director of Creative Social Strategy for BluBlocker China, and was a founding partner of League X, an independent storytelling and narrative design agency.

In 2015, she cofounded Veterati, which is the #1 mentoring platform for the military, and is now the CEO. Our guest was the VP of Growth and Innovation at Double Dutch, which powers business and social movements through its award-winning live events platform, before it was acquired in June 2019.

Diana talks about:

  • Being a high-energy child who loved reading books and being involved with music.
  • Studying politics at Georgetown University
  • How Professor Mark Bush challenged her in international business diplomacy.
  • The power of YES.
  • Why every 10 minutes of her life at school was planned.
  • The reasons why Georgetown alumni’s James Wiseman and Carl Wegner are still her mentors.
  • Why are Veterans not getting their dream job when they come back from service?
  • One in Three Americans has never had a conversation with a Veteran.
  • Veterans dynamically evolving so fast so need different mentors as they transition and grow.
  • On average the Veterans have 3.7 mentors.
  • Why the Board Of Mentors matters and removing barriers in the mentoring process.
  • What environment makes you thrive and makes you really joyful.
  • Bravery is really valuable in founders to be able to hold to their value system.
  • One thing better every day.
  • Better Every Day Framework.
  • Best memories are transformational activities.
  • Love the movements of extreme complex and difficulty in the start-up world.
  • Most interesting conversations are when you are co-creating with someone.

Active CEO Performance Tip

Childs Play – Sit back and enjoy the feeling of just playing rather than just being so focused and diligent on specific tasks. Try things, play things, do things a little bit out of the norm. Test it and be a little bit creative. Be like a child, play, have fun and allow your creative juices to flow.


“80% of jobs come through personal networks according to the Department of Labour.” Talking about Veterans re-engaging with the workforce, on the active CEO Podcast.

“An on-Demand digital mentoring platform for veterans and military spouses to be able to secure their dream jobs.” Diana Rau talks about Veterati, on the active CEO Podcast.

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active CEO Podcast Alex Richardson (Art of Mentoring) – The Art of Mentoring

active CEO Podcast #32 Alex Richardson The Art of Mentoring

Alex Richardson – The Art of Mentoring

On this episode of the active CEO Podcast, Craig Johns speaks with Alex Richardson about his creative world; growing up with dyslexia and Irlen Syndrome; the positive effects of meditation on staying focused; the effects of music on the brain; and painting an audio picture. We also delve into the Art of Mentoring; leading a virtual team; the power of mentoring on a mentor; and how they have grown to matching 6,000 mentoring pairs each year.

Alex Richardson – The Art Of Mentoring

Alex Richardson is a highly successful and determined entrepreneur, who is at the forefront of the HR technology space. He is a man who is extremely passionate about people and culture.

Alex has excelled in audio and visual production, sound engineering, 3D Animation and the typography space, working with Charles Fisher who produced top bands such as Savage Garden and Hudu Gurus, as well as doing front of house production for many artists and festivals such as Bluesfest.

Since 2013, Alex is a co-Founder and Director of his family businesses Art of Mentoring and Horizons Unlimited. He is at the forefront of mentoring technology and program design in Australia. They design, implement and support over 6,000 mentoring partnerships each year in Association, Corporate, Government and University industries.

In his spare time he is a Board member of 2bbb radio station and is a member of the Australian Human Resources Institute and Family Business Australia. O

Alex talks about:

  • Seeing the world through a creative lens.
  • Compartmentalising the curiosity and focusing on the task at hand.
  • How meditation brought clarity to Dyslexia and Irlen Syndrome as a child.
  • His morning ritual of meditation, Kung-Fu and eating a bowl of fruit.  
  • Finding his passion in music and meeting a fantastic mentor, Charles Fisher, who produced Savage Garden and the Hudu Gurus.
  • Sound engineering is like painting an audio picture.
  • The effects of music on the brain and the way that shapes our perception of the world, of societies perception and the social fabrics that are created through music.
  • Music is the most engaging activity for the brain out of any activity that you can possibly do.
  • Social fabrics that are created through music and music genres
  • Using 3D animation as a very powerful way to teach and allow people to learn.
  • Establishing the Art of Mentoring with his mum and transitioning from employee to business owner.
  • Using mantras & learning’s from the music industry, & bringing them into the business world.
  • Leading a virtual team of 14 staff across Australia.
  • Taking the best practices and core standards that are tried and tested.
  • Mentors saying that the mentee will never understand that I got more out of this than the mentee did.
  • Matching 6,000 pairs of mentors and mentees over the last 12 months.
  • Waking up in the morning knowing he goes to work knowing he will make a difference to the world, not just a dollar.
  • Would love to solve how humans can coexist in a positive way.

Active CEO Wellness Tip                                                       

Checking in With Yourself – It is important that we ask the questions of yourself. Are we on track to achieve our goals? Are we happy how we communicated today? If we weren’t happy with the answers, then how can we resurrect on it and get ourselves back on track. What is your purpure on life and what we are driven for and making sure that we stay in line with that. Take some time at the beginning or end of each day. It might be every day, every 3 days or at the end of each week or the start of each week. Its about finding that routine and making sure we have the right things in place, doing the right things and making sure we are staying on track with our goals.


“The downside of being a really creative person is that you do have a lot of ideas and marinating that focus is an important piece of the puzzle.” The creative mind of Alex Richardson, on the active CEO Podcast.

“Both music and sound have a responsibility to paint a picture, evoke an emotion and to create that activity in a persons brain.” The power of music with Alex Richardson, on the active CEO Podcast.

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