Inspiring Great Leaders Podcast #201 Julie Perkins Empowering Young Entrepreneurs

Inspiring Great Leaders Podcast #201 Julie Perkins Empowering Young Entrepreneurs

Empowering Young Entrepreneurs

On this episode of the Inspiring Great Leaders Podcast, Craig Johns speaks with Julie Perkins about empowering young entrepreneurs, her family founded business Specsavers and the digitalisation of business processes.

We also dive deeper into understanding human behaviour in customer service, running a business, the role of the youth in entrepreneurship and innovation in today’s rapidly advancing technology.

Julie Perkins  – Empowering Young Entrepreneurs

Julie Perkins is the founder of Wyseminds, a company that creates an environment where female entrepreneurs can be at their best, feel challenged, and be good enough to be there. She is passionate about decluttering minds and is dedicated to empowering female entrepreneurs by helping them unlock their potential.

She has more than 20 years working at Specsavers including Country Manager for Netherlands. A woman of many dimensions, from studying at INSEAD and London Business School to conquering the slopes on skis and diving into wild-water adventures, Julie becomes a dedicated business mentor, applying her wisdom and guiding those who embark on the Wyseminds journey toward clarity and triumph.

Julie talks about:

  • Having an entrepreneurial family who founded Specsavers
  • The joy of passing on and seeing how you can get the people together to unite
  • Empowering young entrepreneurs
  • The birth of Wyseminds
  • Being exposed to working and work cultures at an early age
  • Uniting people in business
  • Running a start-up business
  • Young people leading their ecosystems
  • Technology and digitalisation in creating amazing products and services
  • Understanding the human behaviour in customer service
  • Innovation in customer service
  • Young entrepreneurs making changes for the better


“I think that’s such a learning thing in leadership, especially at a young age, and learning from failure and what works. I think that’s very important.” The importance of learning about leadership with Julie Perkins on the Inspiring Great Leaders Podcast. 

“How do you reach the next level, the indirect teams, the suppliers, the alliances, especially in today’s world where digitalisation is so rapid, how do you decide what to digitalise and how do you unite people that are not sat in an office with anymore?” Julie Perkins on leadership and technology on the Inspiring Great Leaders Podcast.

“I think understanding how technology and digitalisation open up different ways of thinking, and I think that young people need to swing back into that. They never left it, but I think they need to understand how the balance needs to be achieved so that they can make their amazing things really work and be useful.” Digitalisation with Julie Perkins on the Inspiring Great Leaders Podcast. 

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