Inspiring Great Leaders Podcast #200 Andrew May High Performing Teams

Inspiring Great Leaders Podcast #200 Andrew May High Performing Teams

High Performing Teams

On this episode of the Inspiring Great Leaders Podcast, Craig Johns speaks with Andrew May about high performing teams, leadership and followership, and the three circles that form a high performing team.

We also dive deeper into the bridge that connects the corporate world and sports, training your brain, and the learning agility that businesses can learn from athleticism and sports.

Andrew May  – High Performing Teams
Andrew May is the CEO and founder of StriveStronger, author of the best-seller “MatchFit” and the Mental Skills Coach for the Manly Sea Eagles National Rugby League Club. He took up a Bachelor of Applied Science in Exercise Physiology and a Masters of Coaching Psychology at the University of Sydney. 

From a former middle-distance runner to assisting top-tier athletes at the Australian Institute of Sport, he is a regular face on ABC News Breakfast and the host of The Business Fit podcast and Performance Intelligence podcast. He is also a former Managing Partner at KPMG after they acquired his company The Performance Clinic, and is part of IBO World Boxing Champion, Tim Tszyu’s team.

Andrew talks about:

  • Dreaming of going to the Olympics as a runner
  • Starting surfing at 12, which planted the seed of high performance
  • The skill of following as taught by the Army and the Navy
  • It’s a real strength to be able to both follow and lead in a team
  • Definition and dynamics of high performing teams 
  • The three circles of a high performing team
  • The importance of teamwork and connectivity
  • Your brain is totally trainable
  • Coaching in sports and in the corporate world
  • Good coaches will know when to focus on the positives as a double down on the strengths
  • Businesses can learn Learning Agility from sports
  • Getting the middle balance between driving a high performance team and the stakes of running them out of gas
  • Three gifts he wants to give his kids
  • The social contagion theory
  • Disconnection in the modern world of technology

“Having the conversation on and actually working on resilience. Working on toughness and grit, and actually making people work hard and get rewarded for it.” The importance of conversations around rewards within teams with Andrew May on the Inspiring Great Leaders Podcast.

“In a high performing team, having real clear leadership, authentic leadership, but then having people who know actually how to follow a plan and implement a plan and knowing your job. So it’s really challenging and it’s totally changed my definition of followership.” Andrew May on the strength in followership on the Inspiring Great Leaders Podcast.

“If you want your brain to be fit, fast, flexible, and strong, you’ve got to train your brain. And that’s where mental skills are now really evolving and it excites me.” Training your brain with Andrew May on the Inspiring Great Leaders Podcast. 

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