Inspiring Great Leaders Podcast #167 Vannessa McCamley Recharge Your Brain & Rewire For Success

Inspiring Great Leaders Podcast #167 Vanessa McCamley

Recharge Your Brain & Rewire For Success

On this episode of the Inspiring Great Leaders Podcast, Craig Johns speaks with Vannessa McCamley about Recharge Your Brain & Rewire For Success, dealing with constant change and information overload, and applying neuroscience in real life situations.

We also dive deep into conversation about increasing performance, productivity and revenue through the power of neuroscience, leadership, storytelling and business performance strategies. 

Vannessa McCamley – Recharge Your Brain & Rewire For Success

Vannessa McCamley  is the author of recently released “Rewire for Success” and is a key facilitator of the IAG Insurance Leading Change and one of 12 facilitators globally to roll out Microsoft Change Management & Coaching program to 15,000 Leaders.

She has a Bachelor of Commerce in Marketing from Macquarie University, Marketing management executive Program at Northwestern University Kellogg School of Management, and studied in sales, behaviour profiling and an Advanced Diploma in Neuroscience of Leadership. 

Her career has included Marketing roles at Microsoft, Kronos and Trend Micro before making a career shift to found the neuroscience company Link Success and consult for EnHansen Performance.

fascinated by peak mental performance in the workplace and is passionate about helping people be more resilient, innovative, happier and healthier employees.

Vannessa talks about:

  • Who her most outstanding leader is
  • Explaining BURNOUT or what is BURNOUT?
  • Neurochemical Perspective
  • Neuroscience for Leadership
  • Recharge Your Brain & Rewire For Success
  • Confusion between GOAL and WISH
  • Being adaptive on the Changes on your life
  • Finding and understanding her purpose in life
  • What does a real GOAL look like?
  • Doing anything in a brain friendly way to avoid Burnout
  • Why people aren’t using Business storytelling
  • Visualising the Problems and the options to change it
  • Applying Neuroscience in Real life situations
  • Understanding where are you having your best ideas
  • Recharging your Brain
  • Learning a lot from writing her book 


“Setting my own goals and expectation of what I want to achieve but at the same time being kind” Vannessa McCamley talks about Recharge Your Brain & Rewire For Success, on the Inspiring Great Leaders Podcast

“Once you’ve done it over and over and over and over again, so when you are creating a new wiring within the brain it’s about that repetition, it’s doing over and over again and over time it gets easier.”Talking about neuroscience with Vannessa McCamley on the Inspiring Great Leaders

“When you know what you purpose is and you know what you direction is, it’s more easily to make decision based going on that path.” How to deal with constant overload with Vannessa McCamley on the Inspiring Great Leaders Podcast. 

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