active CEO Podcast #150 Liz Goddard Future Of Fractional Teams

active CEO Podcast 150 Liz Goddard Future Of Fractional Teams

On this episode of the active CEO Podcast, Craig Johns speaks with Liz Goddard about the future of fractional teams, helping small businesses scale, inheriting her family business as a teenager and the biggest problems CEO’s have.

We also delve in fitting small businesses with flexible teams, how to increase the success of new hires, building expert remote teams and living with intention.

Liz Goddard – Future Of Fractional Teams

Liz is an exceptional leader who grew up in a world of entrepreneurial ventures, lost her first business in the 2008 recession, thrived as a Director of Human Resources and has a passion for helping small businesses scale through her remote fractional staffing company, Bosun. She is an innovative entrepreneur who helps small businesses remain nimble and profitable in any economy, is an expert on fractional remote teams and is leading one of the fastest growing Fintech companies in Atlanta

Her education includes a Bachelors Degree from Western Kentucky University, and she inherited her first business at 19 years old and was the Director of HR at Priority Payment Systems, prior to founding Bosun Solutions with her best friend Nicole.

Liz talks about

  • Taking over family business at 18 years old.
  • Lost her first business during the recession.
  • The challenge of letting people go.
  • Future of fractional teams.
  • Hiring people is not about the resume.
  • What would our dads need if we had this business.
  • How do we make this business recession proof.
  • Fitting small businesses with flexible teams.
  • Confidence in your pricing and now your value.
  • Focus on deliverables and owning processes.
  • Fractional teams is the future of small businesses.
  • Living with purpose and being very intentional.


“Its not being needed, honestly speaks to your leadership, more than a team that constantly feeling like you are the person with the answers.” Liz Goddard speaks about true leadership, on the active CEO Podcast.

“Biggest problem that CEO’s have is they think they are the only people who can do it.” Why many small businesses fail to scale with Liz Goddard, on the active CEO Podcast.

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